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Need help what to get.

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  • Need help what to get.

    I drive a Honda Jazz gk5 2019 it's alright. Put in new Continentals tires,SSW rims, rear swaybar, acuity pedal spacer, gearbox and shifter bushing. Still not a fun It's alright.For a daily mundane drive.

    I am thinking to get a fun sporty ride as a second car. Not sure which one at the moment.

    My list is as follow.

    Lexus is250

    Maybe you can add more to the list. What do you reckon? Also not sure if i should sell the jazz. It's 2019. But I don't think It's worth modding.It's a rigid a chassis but it doesn't have that old school Honda Civic or Accord tricked out wish bone suspensionn or semi rear link etc.I have a kid. So...Maybe swap it for a fun hatch.
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    Toyota GT86. Always. I had one until I needed a bigger car. I still miss it everyday. Best car EVER (my opinion :P )


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      Without having driven any of your listed cars I would also agree that the BRZ/GT86 is possibly the "best" one, as in the most fun for the money.