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What Car Should i Buy? - FORUM RULES - READ THIS FIRST

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  • What Car Should i Buy? - FORUM RULES - READ THIS FIRST

    In order to get useful information back, you need to give US useful information.

    This kind of post is useless
    "Hi i'm 16 and want to buy a car what should i get?"

    This kind of post is better:
    "Hi I'm 17, just got my Ps, have $5000 to spend, like hatchbacks, live in a snowy area, need something fast or economical, leave it at a station every day etc etc etc"

    Threads with no useful info will be deleted. No exceptions.
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    I've added some extra help for all you car buyers:

    Hello all,

    Since there has been a surge in what car should I buy threads, we have decided to take appropriate action here at MCM, to ensure you get the best possible answer by facilitating you're searching and browsing into one location.

    Prior to posting, it should be noted that you can determine all the answers yourself by THOROUGHLY reviewing the car buying thread. We encourage that you read it first and suggest that you refer to it in your adventure of finding the right car for you.

    However, there are a few rules to be gone through prior to you posting asking what car you should purchase.

    Rule 1- Prior to posting, the poster must have taken appropriate action to decisively choose what type of goal he/she would like to obtain of owning the car in question.*

    Rule 2- As pre-requisite to rule number 1 and for rule 2, the seller must have a idealistic budget already set in stone**

    Rule 3- It is assumed that the poster has done a -somewhat- adequate job in researching the cars in question prior to posting questions regarding a select few.***

    Rule 4- The OPINIONS and interests expressed below do not reflect the views of MCM and therefore cannot be held liable if you chose to buy a vehicle in accordance to the responses mentioned in this forum.

    Rule 5- When replying to this thread, sarcasm and stupidity will not be tolerated and removed accordingly. This forum is to help other inexperienced/uncertain forum users and they do not appreciate it.

    Rule 6- Adequate amounts of effort must be present(by following these rules) when posting about what car you should purchase. No effort=closed thread. Help yourself first and others will follow in accordance, as we see that it will not be a waste of our time and energy.

    Rule 7- All other standard rules of the MCM forums still apply.

    *Refer to Determining your goal of owning a car
    **Refer to Determining your budget
    ***Refer to Car purchasing thread.
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      What kind of post do you need to make when you post in this section? Here is a few suggested info you should include in your post (thanks to jolly_26 for the suggestions)

      What is your preferred Price range, ie. $1,000-$2,000 or $5,000-$6000 (try and keep it within a $1,000 variable as it makes it a lot easier to suggest cars in your price range)
      Preferred number of doors, ie. 2,3,4,5 door. Also try and include the body type, ie. Coupe, Wagon, Sedan, Hatchback, Utility/Truck (multiple choice is always alright but it makes your choice a lot greater)
      Preferred age range of car, or years or manufacture, ie 20 yo-25yo or 1980's, 1990's etc (an exact year isn't always necessary but an approximate year range is always good)
      Preferred drive train type, ie FWD, AWD/4WD or RWD
      Preferred gearbox type ie, Automatic, SemiAutomatic or Manual
      Main use of the vehicle, ie. what you want the vehicle for, is it for daily driving to school or work, is it your money maker (ie Tradesperson), show, street or race purpose
      Any other requirements, do you have any specific needs for the car, ie. Must be able to tow at least 1 tonne or must be able to produce no less than 500hp with minor mods (you know the usual)

      Little things like this can make a massive difference to how successful your thread is in helping you find a car. Remembering though that no matter what people suggest to you, YOU and ONLY YOU are the one who will be living with that particular vehicle every single day until you, decide to sell it, write it off, give it away etc... You have to be happy with the vehicle, not anyone else, so if someone says that a car you particularly like is not to their tastes then thats their opinion only and shouldn't make you change your mind unless they have previous experience with it and had many problems. Although then take every suggestion with a grain of salt. Experience is always good to hear about but not all cars are the same so one persons words, are one experience. Do research and see what others have said

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