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Determining The Goal Of Owning Your Car + Budget

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  • Determining The Goal Of Owning Your Car + Budget

    Originally posted by Determining the goal of owning your car

    Ask yourself the following questions

    Do I know my daily commute. Far away? Lots of traffic? Highway only?

    How many passengers on average do I plan on having with me. A couple? Never passengers, only from time to time?

    Know my intentions of modding it (if applicable) How far do I want to go when modding (If N/A there are limits...)

    Know my legal limits (P plater reference) Don't even think about a turbo unless it's a diesel. This includes removing turbos from a car...not legal!

    Know my intentions of racing it.

    How important is a car to you? (Not in the sense of being cool but in the sense of necessity) Do you NEED it everyday?

    If you can honestly answer these questions you will be able to determine a lot of things you are looking for in a car. Like how many doors(average amount of passengers) how fast it can be (limited to your desired fuel econ) what type of drive it will be (daily commute/racing intentions)...etc

    Use logic and answer them honestly as this is very important!

    Originally posted by Determining Your Budget
    Here is the formula to determine the average price to own your car in the span of a year.

    Budget = x+[25(k)(v)]-(y+z+g)-[(20000(t))/100]v-h-1000

    Budget(the number calculated from above) - (p+s) = m

    x= Original assumed budget
    k= Hours worked in a week(if applicable, if not k=0)
    v= Hourly wage(if applicable, if not v=0)
    y= Price for rego
    z= Price for plates
    g= Price for insurance(annual)Assume 2k if unsure
    t= Car's average fuel consumption in liters
    v= Annual average price of gas
    h= price for parking (if applicable, if not h=0)
    p= Actual price you paid for car
    s= Servicing/repair done to car when first purchased
    m= Price for mods/car care.

    The 20 000 represents the average milage to be driven in a year and the 1 000 represents an average price needed to be set aside for servicing and/or repairs. If vehicles are older in age, that number might need to be significantly bigger, so be weary!

    The only real unknown variables are the car's fuel consumption and mods. You can approximate the cars fuel consumption by using data found on the internet(click for fuelly)

    Don't worry about your work schedule if you do work as it has been taken into account that it does vary, better to low ball now then overestimate and have no money.

    As you can see, a budget is somewhat complicated and NEVER what you originally assume, PRICE CAREFULLY!

    In addition to everything listed in the car buying thread and in this thread, there is also an article written in the magazine that can help you further.

    We have provided you with more then enough material for you to research, choose and find your own car but we realize that there will be threads created nevertheless. Howev
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    However what? Is this supposed to be continued?

    EDIT: I posted in a 3 month old thread.
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    Originally posted by khindustries
    Yes downforce on the rear wheels is essential for a FWD car


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      Oops look like control v/c from my MCM bible didn't work so well! I'll have to go back and paste the rest. Thanks Grenadian

      Although if you have questions regarding this sort of thing, don't feel shy about posting in these threads I've created. That's why they're stickies and creation date does not matter!
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      Have you seen the MCM WIKI page? If not, click here!
      "Limit's, like fears are often an illusion"
      -Michael Jordan