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SLWRTHNU's Slow Rebuild

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  • SLWRTHNU's Slow Rebuild

    So I have been doing a rebuild for quite some time now. I'm hopefully almost done but this was what I have done so far (posted from another forum so if things don't make much sense, I'm sorry for that).

    Hey. So I have decided to rebuild my engine and make sure it's running properly this coming summer. I live in Canada so I only get a few months of good weather so I like to enjoy it. I was storing my car at my parent's place and just recently got it home to work on it. I have done little so far but this will keep me busy for a little while for sure.

    I don't really post "build threads: but I thought it might be something fun. So this is where I am now.

    I have a 1996 GS-R. Last summer, I swapped head to a B16A (JDM Civic SiR). All the internals are stock. I only had minor upgrades (exhaust and easy things like that).

    I'm not going to tell my exact plans, but I'll document everything.

    This is my car as a complete car (well, how I drive it):

    I'm always doing little projects here and there but I have a feeling this will be one of the most strenuous ones.

    Yesterday I removed:

    Rad Fan
    Engine Head (Along With Everything Attached to It)
    Power Steering Pump

    and it looked like this afterward:

    Today, I started working on all the wiring and lines connected to the engine.

    Here is the engine harness out and ready to try and clean up a bit

    By the end of the day, I removed:

    Engine Harness
    Power Steering Assembly
    Charcoal Canister
    Torque Bracket

    Disconnected from car, but still connected one way or another:

    ABS System
    Fuse Boxes

    And it looks like this:

    That's all I have for now so I will update as I go.
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    So it has kind of been slow as I am waiting on a hoist to take my engine out.

    My buddy works at a garage and said there is a tool box there that is mine if I empty it out. I was about one socket shy of being on the show Hoarders.

    So I made some room for the toolbox

    Cleaned up the toolbox and got it home. I only have half if it right now as the top half is someone else's so we have to ask if I can have it when he gets back to work. I got most of my tools in it and was really stoked to have some extra room

    ...but then I looked over and noticed it hadn't helped all that much

    So finally getting to work. I unhooked the ABS lines from the module. This made a really good mess alright.

    Then I disconnected the lines from the cylinder/res and took the brake proportional valve off.

    My buddy stopped by to help me with some things like getting the ABS lines and other brake lines out.

    We then started to get the other harnesses out and took the side skirt and fender off (as you need to take it off to get the door harness out).

    At the end of the night, the parts were starting to pile up.

    Going from not having a garage to now having one, I'm not going to complain, but it would really be nice to have a larger garage. Oh well, beggars can't be choosers I guess.

    That is it for now. I'm going to try and clean up a bit more and try and get a real jack here. Maybe I'll be able to drop the motor/tranny out the bottom of the car. The only thing connected to the engine is the mounts and axles. Everything else has been disconnected.

    I'm also going back to work on Monday so I would assume this "slow rebuild" thread is going to get a bit slower. Hope not.
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      So I was able to do a little bit of work on the car today. Nothing crazy but it's been a while since I've updated this thread.

      I took off the impact beam (or whatever it's called) for now. I will be putting it back on as the car won't pass a safety without it. It doesn't weigh that much and it could save my life so I'm not too worried about it.

      After that, I decided to do a little something extra. So I took off the stock LCA's. (it looks so bad under there)

      Due to Canadian weather, they were looking pretty bad.

      Car is now on jack stands and the rear wheels are off along with the muffler (just for easier access). That's it for now. Hopefully have something a little more entertaining next time.
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        Alright so tonight I got a lot done. I finally got an engine hoist and stand so I was able to get my engine out.

        Separated the tranny:

        And I don't have a 12-point 17mm socket so I'm not able to get the flywheel off but I'll have it tomorrow. Once I get it off, I'll be able to get the block on the engine stand and get to work.

        p.s. I have given up trying to keep my garage floor clean. I have just accepted the fact that I am going to have to make a day of cleaning it once I'm done.

        I'll hopefully get the socket tomorrow and be able to get to work on the block.
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          Alright, so I busted my back, knees, and gloves getting this engine on the stand but I did.

          Here is the engine on the stand with the oil draining:

          And more importantly, evidence of said glove:

          Now that the engine is on the stand, the real work begins. Hopefully posts from here on won't be as boring and dry. No more work for today.
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            Got some work done tonight. I was able to get everything off the block to prep iy for the machine shop. Hopefully going to get it cleaned up a little. The head has already been planed so I don't have to send that it, I just want a good seal for the rebuild.

            As you can see, the parts that are "delicate" parts, are taking over my toolbox already. Hopefully won't be too long before I can start putting them back in.

            Now the block is off to the machine shop to get planed and cleaned up a little.

            It might be a little while before my next update as I don't know how long it will take at the machine shop. Might be a good time to start working on the rest of stuff I have to do. Seeing the check list is discouraging.
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              I know it's been a while since I have posted any update. There has been some change of plans (story of my life).

              Since the last time I have posted, I have painted the engine bay, started putting my rear end assembly back together (with the parts that I took off), and put the engine back together.

              I have cleaned the block up, honed the cylinder walls, put in new pistons (OEM), new bearings, ARP headstuds, and new water pump. The block and head are still apart as I'm waiting to put the block in the car first. I have a new head gasket waiting (OEM metal 2 layer), GReddy timing belt, and valve cover gasket kit.

              It really sucks that I wasn't able to follow through with my build but at least my car will be back on the road shortly. I don't have any pictures of the current state of the build, but here are some pictures of things that WERE going to be in the car.

              450cc injectors:

              Steel braided oil feed/return lines:

              38mm wastegate (Tial 14lbs springs inside):

              ARP headstuds:

              2.5" intercooler piping with some decent couplers and clamps:

              Forged Eagle rods:

              Cometic headgasket (3 layer):

              Virgin P28 ECU:

              2.5" Yonaka intercooler:

              GReddy Type S BOV:

              I also had 2 turbo manifolds, wasn't sure what one I'd use:

              Said GReddy timing belt:

              Things I don't have a picture of:

              SRP 81.5mm forged pistons
              ACL bearings
              Turbo (I have a picture of the turbo as well but I can't find it. It's a Garrett T04 turbo)
              Bosch 300 LPH fuel pump

              With the parts I had, the compression was calculated to be just under 9:1 so there would have been plenty of room for that extra pressure (boost).

              I think that's it. I'll also take a picture of the engine bay one of these nights to show the color.

              I'm probably forgetting some stuff but I'll keep this thread updated. I don't expect much followers as this thread is really boring now that I'm not doing anything fun.

              Oh well.
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                So I finished putting the rear end back together with the stock parts (fail) and made new brake lines for the front. i have removed the ABS so I have to run new lines. I also put in some Energy shifter linkage bushings a couple of days ago.

                Here is the engine bay after being painted. Don't mind the other stuff as everything will come together at the end.

                It use to look a lot nicer but some dirt has settled on it since. It will all be cleaned up when I wash the engine once I am done putting it all back in.
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                  Just finished forming and cutting the brake lines. I needed to do this as I no longer have ABS in the front so I needed to make them custom. They aren't exactly how they will be when they are in the car but I needed to keep the ends as straight as they are so I can flare the tips and put the thread thing on them.

                  They aren't the prettiest thing but they were a lot cheaper then if I were to find the OEM lines and get them from Honda. Saved myself a couple hundo's for sure.

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                    I made a ghetto power steering delete loop with a breather line. I need to find a clutch res to attach to the tip. I might change it around but for now this is what it looks like:

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                      Over 2 months with no progress. That had to change. I have been having a hell of a time with these brake lines. I finally finished them and was able to get them installed properly. They look kind of ghetto but they will be hidden for the most part so no big deal.

                      I made sure everything was tight and put some fluid in, and what do you know, there is a leak. I was not able to find out as I've spent many night swearing and sweating due to these damn lines, so I just came inside. I'll get someone over to pump the brake so I can figure out where it's coming from.


                      I have finished (kind of) my power steering delete by going to the scrap yard and getting a Honda clutch res. I attached the end of the hose to is so I can add power steering fluid if needed, also it acts as a breather. I've heard that addign a breather will make the steering a lot loser. We'll see.

                      I tucked the res in a corner where it's hidden. I didn't want to mount it because I would have to get another Spoon res cover for it. That is $14 I don't want to spend.


                      And I slapped my engine back together. I put in new GSR pistons, rods, and rings. I didn't take pictures of the rebuild because it was a fast process and I forgot. The timing belt is a GReddy one so that should give me an extra 70hp. OEM metal head gasket. I had a Cometic one for the old boost build, but that would have lowered the compression too much to enjoy the car. I lost a few bucks in the swap but hopefully it will be worth it.

                      I might clean it up a little.


                      In other news. I was working on some stuff in the garage one day. I left and locked up. I got a call 20 minutes later from the wife saying she heard a loud bang coming from the garage. I asked if the car was on the ground (it's on jack-stands only with no wheels), she said no. I figured whatever it was, can be replaced if needed. I get home to find the B16A head on the ground upside down. It was sitting on my beer fridge then on a big tub, probably a good 4 feet off the ground.

                      I was pretty frustrated at that point so I left it there for a few days. I finally picked it up and looked at it. No damage found so far. I guess the real test will be when I go to start it up.

                      Well that's it for now. Hopefully I can get these brake lines figured out so I can finally make some real progress with this rebuild. After the lines are all good, all that is needed is to put the engine back in the car and take it to the next AutoCross event. There is one in 2 weeks. My fingers are crossed.
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                        Well I was able to tighten the lines and fix the leak. My mother-in-law helped me bleed them. The brakes are now 100% done. I put the muffler back on and was going to put the wheels back on but got lazy. I'll put the wheels on and put the car back on the ground later tonight if I have time. I like seeing progress.

                        No point in taking a picture of the brakes after being bled as you wouldn't be able to see anything. No point in taking a picture of the muffler on as I'm sure everyone here knows what an ITR exhaust looks like.

                        Well my car is back on a roll with getting it back together. Let's see how long this lasts.
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                          After 2 days of hell and putting my back out, I was finally able to get my flywheel, clutch, pressure plate, and transmission back on. It took so long as I did not have a clutch alignment tool, so I aligned the clutch with the transmission. After the clutch was aligned, I tightened the pressure plate to spec, and got the transmission back on. I was going to clean up before taking a picture but I have no back right now so you can see what kind of a mess my garage is right now.

                          I didn't take a picture of the clutch or anything but it's a stage 2 Exedy with a lightened flywheel. I don't remember how much the flywheel weighs as it was a long time ago.

                          Maybe I'll take a toothbrush and some crazy good cleaner and clean up the engine a little before putting it back in...
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                            I really have to start caring about my car more. It seems that there are way too many gaps between posts. Either way, here is a little update.

                            Well I had taken my stock LCA's off and brought them to a buddy's garage. I kept them out of the way and we were going to try and clean them up. His boss was pissed one day and through a hissy fit. He took my LCA's and tossed them in the garbage complete goof, I know). So, he had to buy me some new ones. My buddy talked him into getting me some better ones.

                            Today, my gift came in from Tunetics (figured we would support a local shop):

                            I wanted purple but he only had them for EK civics. Oh well. Got these for free so I can't complain. I have some more cleaning up to do and I may have struck a pretty sweet deal on something that would be fun to put in my car, but only time will tell.

                            Maybe it won't be another 3 months for an update. Winter is almost here so it's not like I would be driving my car these days anyway.
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                              All the snow is starting to melt and the warm weather is finally starting to come. I decided to get to work on my car as I haven't in a very long time.

                              Finally got the engine back in the engine bay. Missing a few mount bolts and nuts but after doing that all by myself with nothing more then a normal car jack and luck, my back couldn't take anymore.

                              I always seem to cut myself in one way or another.

                              I'll hopefully finish up with the mount bolts, half shaft, and the flywheel shield tomorrow night. Maybe even get the axles back in the hub and get the wheels back on. That might be pushing it though. One day soon I'll have this thing back on the road... one day soon!!
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