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Ae86 first car build.

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  • Ae86 first car build.

    Hello. Before i start with the build i'll give a quick introduction. My name is Jt and i bought this Ae86 for $500 about a year ago at the age of 14.

    I've always loved AE86's since i was about 10 and first saw Initial D so i bought one early so i can build and work on it. The car itself is a Kouki 1986 GTS (Its a true GTS the VIN is Ae88)sadly when i bought the car it came with a almost blown up 3tc and a rusted Sr5 rear end. The Carfax™ shows that the car was stolen twice and wrecked twice so my hypothesis is that the car was stolen and the thiefs took the 4age and GTS rear end which are easier to sell then a whole stolen car. Some evidence for this is that while stripping the interior i found the stock GTS ecu also the car still has a GTS gas tank which shows that whoever pulled the parts were in a rush and didn't take other items needed for a swap.
    Once i got the car my first step was to paint it i did all of the body work myself with no formal training other then some pointers from my dad and my brother's buddy.

    There it is mid bodywork next to my brothers old WRX Hawkeye before he totaled it.


    The night before paint.
    I choose a purple panda scheme its not a full factory Panda style but just purple body and black hood and body(Bumpers and side skirts.) All of the paint is done by me in my garage with a cheapo gun.

    Before Clear

    After clear.

    With black.

    And the painter!
    After the paint was done i sourced a engine a High Comp 4age redtop that someone in the middle of nowhere had in a AW11 Mr2.

    The story behind the engine is that the kid had his buddy rebuild it and after the 500 break in miles he had some fun in a parking lot and overheated the engine. Then on his way home he heard a knock so he ripped it out and build a 4agze. So i got the engine with 510 miles but with a spun rod bearing.
    So then me and my Dad rebuild the engine mostly me just my dad popping in and out to help with the harder stuff.

    The engine also had a cracked piston skirt so i replaced them with JDM redtop high comp pistons. However later down the line i decided to get this.

    And this

    So i needed to lower the compression to make it more reliable. Thus i bought a HKS thicker headgasket shown in one of the other pictures.

    And the Complete engine.
    While working on the engine i was also doing interior work.

    It started like that with double cushion back seats, molded carpet and disgusting seats with white human slime yumm i did lick it.

    Then onto this which is all striped down with the sound denting removed. However sadly i found floor pan damage. So i asked for a welder for my birthday and started teaching myself how to flux core weld on a little 140 Lincoln electric welder.Since the car is going to be daily driven but also tracked, drifted and abused i wanted something lightweight but also easily cleanable for the floors. So i used bed liner.

    While also doing the interior i built coilovers using a T3 ground control kit with Kyb AGX shocks and Tein camber plates

    Who doesn't keep coilovers next to there computer that is in the process of getting new RAM installed?

    Heres with the coilovers installed and cut rear springs.
    After all that i decided to pull out the engine and clean and paint the engine bay. So i enlisted the help from my Semi special friends. Beefy, Sage and Jake Also my Dad and brother helped too.

    From left to right Beefy Sage and Jake.

    Engine pulled

    Front end off

    Then the hulk took a dump in my engine bay...
    So then i needed a rear end to replace my Sr5 one so after a year of searching i found this!

    So thus the hulk needed to poo really bad so he choose my rear end.

    So my car decided to fly in preparation for the rear end

    Then i put in the new rear end.

    So in the matter of a weekend it went from this
    ( i also painted my interior panels matte black BLACK!!!!)
    To this

    HERRAFRUSH Obviously i'm not keeping the car like that just i'm bored and since the car is going to sit for awhile since i can't drive until November when i turn 16.
    And thats how it is sitting tonight
    I almost forgot this Euro option for the 86

    A 2011 cracked WRX bumper.
    Ae86 build

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    :O firstly, you got an 86 for $500?!?!
    Second, awesome work! Especially considering you aren't even 16 yet!!! How long did the Engine rebuild take? Got any videos of it running?
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      Thanks.Yeah only 500 i got it in the middle of nowhere but it wasn't running. The engine took a couple of months to build because of school and parts taking forever to get considering all the HKS headgaskets i was trying to buy were on a boat from Japan. Sadly no videos of it running yet its still on the stand in my garage.
      Ae86 build


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        very nice, good pickup for $500 too. at that price sourcing new parts like engines and rear ends doesnt seem so bad
        Originally posted by fitridebmx
        break it off and put it back on with zip ties
        Originally posted by Jenga
        So we don't have to remove our A-holes anymore? Where's the fun in that


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          Wow $500 for a coupe is mad cheap. Good job doing all the work yourself too. Lose the reflector thing on the rear quarter and get some jdm bumpers and it will look a lot cleaner


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            Nice 86! What size turbo is that? Are you using arp head studs?
            I wish I had money to do this but all I have is 47 dollars and some change xD
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            Originally posted by khindustries
            Yes downforce on the rear wheels is essential for a FWD car


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              Thanks for the compliments. As for aero I might go origin lab. And the reflector I'll be taking off when I do a respray later down the line. As for the price where I live in the US which is new England these cars are crap to most so most people's cars like mine are grandmas church taxi. However where 86s are big such as the west coast they have a massive initial d tax and normally go for 3k+
              Ae86 build


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                It's a t3 m10 turbo for head studs I'm using stock for now if I get the money before I drop the engine in I might go arp which is what I should have done but I'm only running 12lbs
                Ae86 build


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                  sweet car man! LOVE it! awesome story.
                  Bella <3


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                    Great work dude, cars coming along great. Good luck with it all.

                    Originally posted by villain
                    Looks like his SR had a big night out, tried to sneak back in inconspicuously but passed out.


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                      Thanks for the kind words
                      Ae86 build


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                        thats so sick! love the purple to!


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                          Thanks I wanted to do something different with the paint. Im going to do a respray soon with a metallic purple
                          Ae86 build


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                            Welcome to MCM where you have the 3rd AE86.
                            nice work, good pickup for the price but in the US they are super cheap like that, people just leave them to rust in the front yard.

                            also a little info for you on that motor you've got. its the 2nd gen 4A-GE the least powerful of them all with only 82kw standard, however with the turbo on the side its a good thing you don't have the 103kw small port motor. the turbo will flow better into the big port you have than a small port.

                            as everyone has been saying you really need some JDM bumpers and it would be sweet.

                            you should also check out my build thread.
                            Qualified to do stuff!


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                              Thanks for the welcome. What do 86's go for in Aus? Also nice build of your own. I'd love to go JDM bumpers and crap but they go for about 400-1000 bucks just for the front here in America so i'll have to wait. I'd rather have a running engine with good suspension then have baller aero.
                              Ae86 build