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Ae86 first car build.

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  • Originally posted by Hankey View Post
    Please please please please please don't stance this AE86. You could do such cool things with it if you set it up to function.
    Originally posted by skaryface View Post
    Agreed. Set it up right and it'll look good and function.

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    This car isn't really going to be stanced it is going to be low however I'm doing quite a bit modifications to make it drive nicely but be low. Also I'm not one of those idiots who buy adjustable suspension and just slam it. I'll be messing with all my dampers, ride height, camber and toe to make it drive perfect but look nice. I'm all about function over form but I do like low.

    Originally posted by RacerX View Post
    Sweet 86 Man
    Lucky to get one for $500
    How much did it cost all up ?
    Originally posted by CasualMan View Post
    This is so sweet! :O

    Originally posted by wakai View Post
    Living the dream! Great job on the build and looking forward for the updates.
    Thanks man, Sometimes it seems like a nightmare but in the end i know it will be like a dream.

    Originally posted by walshatron View Post
    Just read through this, I'm not generally a big fan of 86s, but this is nice. Diggin' the 70s musclecar colour scheme for sure!
    Thanks, I guess in Aus this a muscle car color scheme. In America its usually just simple primary colors nothing too crazy.

    Originally posted by SidewaysSteve View Post
    Dem NAPA parts yo. Looking very nice! Can't wait to see it in action.
    NAPA is the place to go, You have no idea how much I'm in there... The owner even told me to fill out a application once i turn 18 because

    Originally posted by skaryface View Post
    I love this build and the story behind it. Youre so young and doing big things. Kudos to you sir

    Originally posted by Technikhaus View Post
    Looking great mate!
    Not much of a update here since I've only been doing wiring but i got my wastegate finally.

    38mm Tial, It isn't a Ebay knock off.

    Also i finally finished doing my fuel rail I cannot find the cold start injector line anywhere so i just chopped a bolt down and plugged the hole for now until i find one.

    And I have been messing with my starter because as you can see in the picture the wire insulation is starting to peel off because of how brittle it is. So i'm throwing some heatshrink and wire sheathing on it.
    Lastly just a little throwback from the second day i got the car.

    Those door panels and seats... Damn where they bad.
    Ae86 build


    • This is a great build. I love that aggressive stance the 86 has without those flares, would be mean as. Look back and see that thing! hahaha.
      anymore updates? Would love to see how it is at the moment?


      • Originally posted by Dr3aMyS0b View Post
        Thanks, I guess in Aus this a muscle car color scheme. In America its usually just simple primary colors nothing too crazy.
        Was thinking of the old plum crazy dodge cudas to be honest:


        • great thread and a great little project the a86 is a great little car i went supra in my 20's and loved it my dad worked for toyota so i was always around them alot of the 80s toyotas the ae86 was one of the best the colour you choose is cool and the turbo conversion is one of the best bits well done and keep it up


          • Excellent car build! You and I both got our AE86s from Massachusetts. They're excellent cars and I've enjoyed driving, drifting, and working on mine. I'm currently working on installing some CBY fender flares but seeing build threads like yours inspires me to work faster.

            Cheers to you!