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SR20DET R32 front S14 Silvia

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  • SR20DET R32 front S14 Silvia

    Hay guys Im starting a project on my 1995 Nissan Silvia none face lift its currently has a SR20de manual with adjustable suspension if you have got any advice or question'z or just like silviaz post sum thing. Il try to keep it up to date.
    OOOO Shiiit

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    its a little kryptic but if i had to guess you have a 1995 s14 that has a non turbo sr20de and you would like to convert your front end to r32 skyline and put an turbo sr20det in your car is that right?!?!

    iv seen it done on some s13 verts before but never on an s14, i gota agree the zenki s14 front are kinda meh i never liked mine either, but id kill to have a kouki s14, just my 2cents


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      Save the hassle of a hack job like above posts link and just get parts from post facelift update on 97+ S14/240/200SX looks much better more similar to S13/15 front look and stick a good front kit on it.

      Looks much better going from this ugly snub nose look:

      to this much nicer clean look

      or even better maybe S15 style front on it
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