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R32 Skyline Build

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  • R32 Skyline Build


    I'm a new member on the forum here but been watching the Youtube episodes for a while. Your show is great and I really enjoy your episodes.

    I thought I would start a thread and post up some pictures from my R32 4 Door Skyline build.

    Got a GTS cheap as for $1k in a rough state for the build. Got an RB25DET to stick in from a R33 GTS25T, also Getting a full re-spray in R34 silver (KV2) from a mate in the “panel n paint” trade, only the engine bay has been done so far though.

    I am removing pretty much everything that can be unbolted to clean inspect and if necessary replace.

    I hope I don't flood you with to many pictures.

    When I first got the car (for some reason it had a turbo J pipe :/ lol):

    Started striping it out and removed the old RB20DE running on 5 cylinders

    Picked up a 5 Stud and brake conversion plus a vertex kit (its for a coupe but should be able to mod it to fit)

    Engine bay painted in KV2 (athlete silver) from a R34

    Manual conversion parts arrived and I removed the sub frame and fuel tank.

    Got some parts back from powder coating and new BC ajusties and camber arms.

    Fitted the J-Arms and ajusties plus 5 stud and brakes, also my manual pedals

    Put my newly cleaned heater units and dash loom back in ]

    Picked up my rims and cleaned up my steering rack

    Cleaned up the floor and then re undersealed it.

    Put my cleaned up and powered coated sub frame in with my camber arms

    Engine bay

    Picked up my RB25DET S2 from a R33 GTS25T and new master brake cylinder

    Installing the spigot bush (the engine was from a auto)

    Put my excedy clutch on the engine after I gave the engine a paint.

    Installing the engine

    Installing an alloy radiator

    Got a Greddy front facing plenum copy (still good quality tho)

    Then my car went back to my friends panel n paint shop to finish the body work a and repair a ding in the rear quarter.

    The panels needed quite a bit of filler to get straight.

    Anyways this is the stage I'm at now. Hope I havent overloaded you with to many pictures.

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    NICE!!! love this build! make sure to keep us updated

    also the more pics the better imo

    good luck with this
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      YES another r32. I love the 4 door. I got 2 buddies with 4 door r32's so I'm happy with the 2 door.

      Keep the back seats and you'll make me happy.

      What is the purpose of the car. daily driver? Drifter? track?

      Keep up the good work. Nice and clean and done right. My head bows to you my friend


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        nice looking car. You've done a lot of work to it so thumbs up for that. I never had a r32, only had a r33 and a stagea. But always liked the shape of them. Keep us updated on it. and don't worry there can never be too many photos

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          Nice build man. Can't wait to see the finished product.

          My mate has an R32 GT-R and an R32 4 door drifter.
          If I was to get a Skyline it would probably be a 32.
          '90 Corolla Seca SX


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            Dude that's awesome.. really nice pics alot of personal work and progress.. great stuff!

            Keen for further details as you work on it.
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              Thanks for the comments, I will def post more pics as I progress. But the painter is taking his time atm.

              Build is for a legal street car with some extra grunt for drift events and track events I can enter.

              The inspiration for the look of the car is my friends old R32 4Dr, he sold it and I brought his old wheels. This is his old R32:

              I think it looks pretty staunch. He had an RB20DET in his but I have an RB25DET in mine.

              I think R32's suit 4 door and look right. Where as R33's and R34's kinda don't look right unless its a coupe.
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                Nice! Looks like you've given thought to every detail - love it


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                  The only 4 door car in the world to recieve big praise from all the dutch!! ( I speak for each and every one of us)
                  Originally posted by deadcell96
                  It's like Underground 2 all over again.
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                  ...but, but he's got such a good star rating!!

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                    looking good, love the rims, suits it very well, looking forward to seeing more progress


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                      looking real nice man, cant wait till the projects finish its gunna look awesome !


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                        Aldo I love the r33 coupe (of all skylines), it looks really nice... keep it up


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                          Thanks for the comments guys.

                          Getting back into it again now after 4 months of waiting for my painter/panel beater to finish insurance jobs to work on my car, one disadvantage of getting it done through a mate.

                          But the car should be coming home to my garage next week, then progress will move a lot quicker, I have quite a few nice items to fit I have collect over the last 4 months.

                          Some recent pics.

                          Door inners getting done

                          Hmm shiney

                          Un stitching/un spot welding a panel that was rusted out and spot welding in a panel from my parts car

                          My Greddy front facing plenum (knock off but still good enough quality), should look good and improve response and lag with shorter IC piping.

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                            Thought I would add an update now I have made some more progress.

                            Finished my panel and paint, although still need a vertex front bumper.

                            Now its just a case of saving for more gear to finish it like fmic, exhaust, etc, and reinstalling the interior, windows, etc

                            In primer

                            Fitting vertex rear bumper (to ott?)

                            Clear coat finished

                            Clear coat finished

                            Clear coat finished

                            Get ready to load on the truck to take home

                            Get ready to load on the truck to take home

                            Get ready to load on the truck to take home


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                              I never liked the 4 doors particularly, until now.

                              Looks good and i love the vertex rear bumper