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My Cosworth build thread

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  • My Cosworth build thread

    Ok, thought I'd fire up a thread showing the different stages the car has gone through under my ownership.

    I bought the car in September 2007

    These are photos from the advert.

    Flew to England and picked it up, after about 2 hours driving I hated the thing, It felt slow for the spec and the clutch (AP Racing 4 paddle) was horrible lol

    So started to make the car 'mine'

    Began to de-bling the bay

    I also fitted a new clutch cable, even that wasn't easy. Turns out I had an adjustable cable system that was used on rally cars lol, so it took a while to source a replacement! Anyway that made the clutch lighter as the old cable was well dried out.

    Then I started looking at why the car was underpowered. I fitted autometer boost, oil pressure and oil temp gauges so I could see what was going on in the engine.

    I soon discovered I was only running 14psi boost, a long way off the 28psi it was supposed to run! Turned out the standard dump valve was leaking all my boost back into the airbox, Removed the dump valve and tweeked the actuator up to the proper levels. The car was much faster now

    Replaced the 16" O.Z. Super Tourismos with 17" versions

    Check out the good colour match on the wings lol

    Then horrible things happened

    Box fell on it in work So it needed a new bonnet!

    Got a new genuine one from Ford

    Then booked it in to get painted.

    Picking it up

    Built up again.

    Things stayed roughly the same for a couple of years, with me adding/replacing/restoring small bits and pieces as I could afford them.

    Then sh1t got real lol

    Bought a lot of parts.

    Straight cut gearbox with a hydraulic clutch conversion.

    Just a bit of a difference in the gears lol

    Fully adjustable rear beam

    Front Quaife ATB diff with Quaife thickwall casing

    Recaro Pole Position

    Fitted that lot and was happy with the car, until I broke the gearbox lol. £1500 later it was fixed

    I then fitted Compomotive MO5 wheels and AP racing brakes to the front and larger diameter discs to the rear.

    The car looked like this at that point

    I then added Bilstein grop N coilvers with group A topmounts.

    Then winter 2010/2011 happened

    What started out as changing the sump ended up being a full engine rebuild and engine bay resto.

    Engine stripped and inspected.

    Building the engine back up. Head was skimmed and rebuilt with new lifters, block was rehoned, pistons got new rings and had valve cutouts added, crank was polished and the flywheel was refaced.

    Pulleys/brackets powdercoated

    More stuff electro plated

    Head rebuilt

    Tanks painted silver

    Cam cover redone red

    Then it was time to get the bay painted. Car was taken to a paintshop.

    Upon it's return

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    Building it back up

    Coilovers rebuilt

    Engine back together

    Bolted to the gearbox

    Suspension/Brakes refitted

    Engine back in it's home!

    Video of the first start


    I then had the car professionally machine polished, really brought the shine back to it!

    Random photo from a local show

    Doing charity runs


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      I got the car live mapped by Motorsport Developments in the UK, it now drives how it should Hopefully knocking on the door of 400bhp, any more and I need a bigger turbo lol.

      That's how the car sits at the moment. Future plans included taking the interior out for a proper clean and perhaps changing the final drive from 3.62 to 3.92.


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        Nice build! I love the car, you did a lot of work considering it was relatively decent to start with. But nobody likes low boost XD. Out of curiosity how much was you rust treatment and respray?


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          Cheers The price to spray the engine bay? Or the outside of the car?
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            This Car is Amazing. It's Nice To See Such A Fine Example. How Much BHP Are You Currently Getting?


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              With the turbo that's on it, I should have in and around 400bhp. That's pretty much at the limit for what's really just a standard Escort Cosworth turbo. A GT3071 is what I'll change to if I go for more power.


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                Hope The Turbo Upgrade Goes Well ")


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                  Lol that's not on the cards for a long time! I'll sort the gearing first :P


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                    Clean ride, Lots of effort here and looks like you've done it right, Props. Looks like it would go proper fast.
                    My "show" (wan|<) car:


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                      LOL, wow, now that is some performance progress right there. What else do you have planned for this????


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                        Not too much really, just change the diff ratio and tidy up a few other bits I'm not happy with


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                          My Cosworth build thread

                          I've got so much love for the old cossies and this is a fantastic example, keep her tidy! Haha the compomotive wheels just make it too, nothing like a nice 5 spoke rally wheel.

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                            Real nice man! Love Sierras, makes me want to put everything else to the side and do mine!


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                              sweet car dude very nice build
                              2002 Black Holden Commodore VX SERIES 2 S PACK