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My Cosworth build thread

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    I always like the look of the ford sierra cosworth I have a book on them some where around. A good few years back I had a mk1 sierra and a 2 sierra sapphire and an estate one the mk1 had so much rust that when I close the boot it just feel off and the car just fell to bits after that.

    Keep up the good work
    The new toy its big blue also grey a 1995 Toyota Corolla G Touring 1.5L
    When will they see me in space 32 lights on my camper and growing
    My custom built camper
    I have a magic Corsa it turns water into oil and oil into petrol
    My Opel Corsa and Vaxuhall Chevette


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      this is awesome
      why cant there be more in Australia


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        Fantastic build! Very nice work! Very clean! We used to have the merkur xr4ti...that was fun but not as nice as the sierras.