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Zoid's R33 Drifter Build Thread

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  • Zoid's R33 Drifter Build Thread

    Hey Guys,

    I thought I'd post in there about my R33 Skyline build.

    I've always wanted to race cars, ever since an early age. But I was never allowed to, always told it was too expensive and had to race bikes instead, offroad, never on the tarmac. Which was a mildly successful career, ending when I went to uni.

    Driving has always been a lot more fun for me, rallying the farm ute around the paddoks and through fire trails from an early age. Later buying a 98 Subaru WRX for a daily driver which was fun too, taking it for a spirited drive most weekend, usually involving a lot of gravel roads too.

    After taking my WRX on the track I thought to my self, I need more of this in my life. The after finishing the track day, looking at my destroyed tyres, disintegrated brake pads and the need for an oil change both before and after the track day and massive wish list of mods; I knew it was going to be just as expensive as my father told me it would me.

    Two track days later I decided the WRX's track career was over, it would be retired to daily driving duties only. I needed something I could dedicate to the track. I had a spare $10k just lying around that I'd saved up for a rainy day so that was my budget.

    I was thinking my car needed to be RWD, two door and have a modicum of sporting pedigree. After lurking around carsales, my105, boostcruising, nissan silvia and all the other usual suspects I found a large amount of worthy cars, Silvias, Sprinters, Surpas, Skylines, RX-7s, MX-5s all those guys. Until one day I found it, the car I wanted; 1996 Nissan Skyline R33 GTS-t for $3,500. How bad can it be I thought to my self... I got some photos off the guy selling it and it all looked pretty good, bit of body damage but pffft, I don't care about that! Plus it's a skyline! I've always loved those Hotplate taillights and they were always my favourite in Gran Turismo :Pirate: Thats right, I bought a car just because I liked it in a video game! I've never even driven one IRL before!

    Photo of the car from the seller

    Unfortunately the car was in Sydney and I was in Hobart, how the hell am I supposed to get it here! Fly over, drive back? That was going to be mightly expensive and because I'd just started a new job I didn't have any leave saved up. A bit a research later I found a mob that'd ship it from Sydney to Hobart for $800. Bam! Needless to say the seller was a little skeptical, I mean wouldn't you, some guy from Tassie wants to buy your car unsighted. hmmmmmm. A couple of phone calls later and it was all sorted and the car was on it's way down.

    1 week later it arrived. One dirty, unloved, poorly maintained, badly modified skyline. Awesome Mods already on the car included: Stupid unfathomable headunit, PowerFC with hand controller, 3" Exhaust, Front mount intercooler, Greddy Boost Controller, 17" mags, Strut brace.

    Car in my drive way. Woot!

    Picking up the car from the wharf I think the taxi driver that dropped me off was more excited than I was. He was a very funny man, turns out he's a big fan of imports and has a soarer. Walking over to the car I had a sinking feeling, blue GT badge... 4 stud hubs... oh no, it's a NA skyline that's been turboed. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU. How did I not notice this before! Hopping in the car I was over whelmed by a very powerful smell, it was a mix of curry, cigarettes and the 10,000 air fresheners the previous owner had deployed, my god.

    Firing the car up I instantly knew something was wrong, not being overly mechanically minded I suspected a bearing and I'd be correct after taking it to my mechanic who was very confused but quite happy with my purchase. I'd been talking to him before buying the car about getting into drifting and time attack.

    The original plan was to just track the car the way I got it but there was no way this car could do anything like that. Old mate previous owner hadn't even connected water lines to the turbo when he installed it. Turbo was stuffed, Mains bearings were stuffed, suspension was so clapped out you almost lost control changing lanes. Sigh... This is going to be expensive...

    It was bullet biting time, do I just slowly fix it up and track it or do I get it all done properly? What do I want from this car? I knew that if I built it my self I'd just **** it up like I did with my old VL commo. **** biting the bullet, I'm going to swallow it whole! Go all the way, no turning back.

    The shopping list.
    Nissan N1 Oil & water Pumps
    Nitto Crank collar to suit N1 oil pump
    New Low temp Thermostat
    Nitto 1.2mm head gasket
    ACL Race bearings (Mains and Big end)
    Nitto Forged Pistons
    Nitto forged H-beam rods
    ARP Head studs
    ARP Main Studs
    Machine Head & Block
    Linish crank
    Bore and Hone
    Nismo 740cc injectors
    Tomei Poncams
    Plazmaman plenum
    Plazmaman Throttle body
    Trust GREX Oil cooler

    Haltech Plug in Pro ECU

    Garret 3076R
    Powertune high mount manifold
    44m Tial Wastegate
    3" dump pipe
    2" screamer pipe

    BC Adjustable Coilovers
    Tune agent Adjustable Castor Rods
    Whiteline blade adjustable Swaybars
    Steering rack spacers

    Stock RB25DET gearbox
    Nismo 2way LSD
    Jim Berry Full Monty Clutch
    G-max Drift Wheels 17"

    Full weld in cage built by Az Custom
    Sparco Evo3 Carbon Fiber Seat

    Stock R33 Turbo brakes.
    EBC Green pads.

    Custom Surge tank built by Az Custom
    Walbro fuel pumps

    I'm sure we'll all agree, it's one arousing shopping list. Everything done properly by proper people.

    Picture time!

    Roll cage going in.

    Cage Painted, Satin Black

    Oil and Water Pumps on, pistons in.

    Head going on, apart from Cams it's stock.

    Engine finished. Plain RB Pr0n. Love it.

    Interior Before

    Interior After, which seat can I take?

    Now that the epic build was finished it was time to get out on the track, private track day with a few friends? Nah, I'll just jump in the deepend. How deep you ask?
    My 300kw Skyline Drifter

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    2011 Tasmania Drift Festival deep enough? Ok.

    But how do I get my car to the track? The NSW rego has expired, no problem I'll just get it registered in Tassie. Oh, you can't register a car will a full weld in cage? Maybe I should have done that before...

    No worries this time though, Dad said he'd come down with the ute and we'd rent a trailer.

    So, Saturday morning, getting the old girl all loaded up and we head out to baskerville. Unload the car and it's already getting some attention. Everyone already knew me and knew my car which was nice. But looking around everyone is unloading their cars, there are some seriously serious cars here and some very well known drivers. The same drivers I spend all day at work looking at on Youtube, admiring their skills and their cars, I'm going head to head with them! "What the hell am I doing here" I thought, this competition is way bigger than me. Oh well, what's the worst thing that can happen...

    Lining up for the first time. Got a new front end too.

    Lining up for my first run I hear the commentator for the event talking about me and my car, telling everyone that it's a weapon and to keep their eyes on me. I look over at the hill where all the spectators sit, it's packed, everyone is watching, over 2000 people. I swallow the biggest lump in my throat I've ever swallowed, I've been nervous before, but nothing like this. I kept thinking to my self "What the hell am I doing here, this is the dumbest idea ever, I've never even driven this car before, I've never driven any skyline before, I've never driven a RWD car on the track before, I've never driven a car with this much power before, I've never drifted before, this is a bad idea." Starting Marshall tells me to get going so I promptly wind her up and drop the clutch giving it around 30% to keep the wheel spin in check, shift into second and give it a little more, feels good man. Third gear time and I give to 100%, bad idea, it comes onto full boost, wastegate opens, screamer pipe unleashes a noise like I've never heard before, my trousers turn brown and I'm at the first corner already. After that the rest of the day goes like, try to drift, bash rev limiter because I don't know any form of throttle control, spin out, but by the end of the day I'm starting to get the hang of it and can link up the Esses and get turn 1 consistently. Needless to say I didn't qualify but I didn't come last, which was great

    Getting the hang of it

    At the end of the day I'm so spent, I can't lift my arms above shoulder height from throwing the wheel around and my neck hurts from the massive G's from the corners\spinning out. An epic day full of skids, power, tyre smoke, learning and skids.

    Reflecting back on my choices regarding the build I don't think I would have done it differently. Maybe get the car registered first, oh well.

    I'm just waiting for the next Track day so I can try my hand at time attack, I just hope I can beat my old time I set in the WRX or there will a lot of egg on my face.

    The plan now is to do this season and next with the car setup the way it is, no more mods, just learn how to drive\drift. Then I'll decide if I want to focus more on Time attack or drift and steer the car in one of those directions.

    I hope you've enjoyed reading about my project, if you've got any questions I'm happy to answer them



    end post engine pr0n

    Here is a video from the Drift Practice day in April
    Video contains heavy limiter bashing, viewer discression is advised

    Dyno Sheet.

    Dyno Video

    Trying not to drift Video

    My youtube Chanel with lots of videos, make sure you subcribe as I'll be taking heaps of videos at every event I go to
    My 300kw Skyline Drifter


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      Nice car! You got some balls jumping into the deep end like that! :O
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        nice read brother, ****en tackle life before life tackles you i like it.


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          dat torque chart


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            Originally posted by popsprocket View Post
            dat torque chart
            I'm not going to lie. It comes on Fkn stong off the bottom. It's got more grunt off boost than my WRX does on full noise. It's mental. So good for drift, if you get in a little too deep you can just plant it and it'll pull you out.
            My 300kw Skyline Drifter


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              That is a mean looking engine. I also bought a car i did not througlhy inspect and had a funny smell also lol. That is a serious amount of mods you have done. GW
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                fuaaark 400+ hp, beast mate, beast, wish i had the knowledge to build an engine like that


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                  400hp with a RB25 is easy.

                  Stock unopened engine (in good condition) Add GT3076R or GT35 turbo, add supporting mods (injectors, ecu, fuel pump, FMIC) Enjoy

                  My engine was shagged when I got it so I built it up in case later I wanted to get seriously big power out of it.

                  Also I cheated, got the pros to build it for me.
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                  My 300kw Skyline Drifter


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                    Brilliant story and build !
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                      Nice car mate but why upgrading the RB25 when only going for 400hp?

                      RB25 is safe untill you go over 500hp.
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                        sweet R33 and awesome of you to give it a straight away.


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                          300+ killerwasps? what a beast. and that is one clean engine bay ... GOOD WORK

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                            Finally had a chance to unleash the full 310kw fury on the weekend! It was epic fun. Here is a video of me getting a little wild with power. There was just so much power I got drunk on it and got a little silly


                            How many extra KW do I get for flames?

                            I added some new stickers too in the quest for more kw, need to get a MCM one though

                            And here are some pics my friends took at the track day on Sunday.

                            And Jamster, you're correct, my motor was very broken when I got it and it needed to be rebuilt, I could have just gotten a stock 2nd hand motor from a wreck but I wanted to future proof incase I wanted 500hp+ later, which I might do later, but that'll involve a much larger turbo and I wouldn't like any more lag than what I've got now, so if I went bigger turbo I'd want to get a 6 speed sequential box too so I can flat shift, maybe run some anti-lag too, which my current ECU can do, it's just a tick box away.

                            On sunday I managed to get a 60 second flat on street tyres and low boost; which I was very surprised and happy with, as you need to get sub 60 seconds to race in the Tas Super Series GT A-Grade Maybe with some racing tyres I could play with those guys, or at least B-grade, all very exciting stuff!
                            My 300kw Skyline Drifter


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                              Haha, can't help you there friend. It was on the car when I got it! All I know it's fiberglass and not painted very well! It's just like a Series 2 wing on Viagra :P
                              My 300kw Skyline Drifter