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Andrew's 1993 MX-5

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  • In would normally say no to chunky tires on a street machine.
    But considering the dimenisions and weight of the MX-5, I like it.

    Plus. It wouldn't look so tough with lo-pro's.
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    • Originally posted by Beelzeboss View Post
      You were wrong, luckily
      Glad to hear it! Congrats. Looks like a blast. I want one.
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      • Sweet Mother Mary of MX5IV6, nice work! With as many MX-5s as there are with just as many variations on engine swaps you've made something fully hot rod. Well done.
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        • Ahahaha, thanks so much guys I can't believe it's rego'd either, it's amazingly fun to drive. I don't think I'd have got this far without the support of the forum, thanks everyone.

          Unfortunately the car has a small electrical issue where it cuts out once it gets warmed up and you're on partial throttle. I'm 99% sure I've isolated the problem to the coil and super long HT leads creating interference when it misses occassionally on part throttle, so I'm converting to coil on plug. The coils will be arriving early next week and I'll have it all fitted in time for the massive MCM meet! So keen!

          Also I put in the rear coilovers, I'll try to get a pic this afternoon but it looks much better now. I havn't put the fronts in yet because they're much more difficult to do, but it will be done before the MCM meet! Hope to see everyone there
          1993 MX-5 - 2.5L V6 swap in progress