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My Custom Camper Van

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    Ya I just forgot to update this
    Well I'll give you a run down it move location in April nearer to my house so I could start work on it for the summer so far I have once again ripped it out for one reason only my wife is a part time wheelchair user and the lay out I had didn't suit her so I'm doing it again for her. I have loads of parts to go on but as my daily car blew its engine it as put a stop to this for a few week as I have bought another car and that as taken the funds away from this

    Only a few pictures but here they are
    This is it bear again

    Need some welding but what transit dosen't

    At this point I kinda welded the camera as well so a leap forward with all the welding done it was new floor old walls which my wife is sitting on

    And I bought this to keep the battery charged so far it as recharged 4 battery I had left in the camper which is good

    Bar that there is noting new on the picture front but this as been down part of the seating area and some wiring of RGB LEDs in the base of the sitting area solar panel is on the roof and something else but for the life me I can't remember what it was
    The new toy its big blue also grey a 1995 Toyota Corolla G Touring 1.5L
    When will they see me in space 32 lights on my camper and growing
    My custom built camper
    I have a magic Corsa it turns water into oil and oil into petrol
    My Opel Corsa and Vaxuhall Chevette