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RD's ED Falcon evolution....

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  • RD's ED Falcon evolution....

    Since finding MightyCarMods, viewing almost every episode and being a modder of sorts I thought I would do the whole build thread here for your perusal.....

    My '94 ED Falcon wagon started life as an ebay purchase for $510.00 back in May 2008. The car was located in Bennetts Green on the NSW north coast and with a couple of friends for support I drove it back to Riverstone in Sydney's West. That wasn't without its dramas along the way, like the auto spewing out horrible amounts of brown liquid along the way:

    I just made it home before the auto pretty much expired.

    Over the next few months the task was to get it running reasonably well. My whole purpose for buying it was the body, it was straight, good paint and absolutely no rust. After an initial engine and transmission change it stayed original until about Nov 2008 when it all started. You see I had a painful diff whine in the car and needed to get another to fix the problem. I did that getting an EL diff off ebay for $400.00. The bonus was that it had a whole car attached to it

    The donor car was a '98 EL Wagon that had had a shunt in the rear, enough to bend the chassis rails and rear panels. Funnily enough it didn't damage the tailgate or taillights as the car has a monstrous Hayman Reece towbar that took the brunt of the collision.

    I parked the car in the backyard (much to the delight of my lovely wife - NOT!) and it sat there for a time while I decided what I was going to do with it.

    My kids then set about removing everything from the EL that they could manage:

    The first thing I wanted to do was change the seats over from the EL (because the ED seats were crap!) but struck a major obstacle - the EL seats frames were different from the ED. Now I could have take the road of modifying the bottom rails to fit into the ED but I wanted more seat options in the future and did not want to modify each and every seat I wanted to put in. A closer look at the EL revealed they had a secondary floor in them that contained the seat mounts. So I set about drilling out all of the spot welds until I had this:

    This is how different the ED was compared to the EL:

    I then conned a mate over together with his Mig to rectify the seat mount problem:

    ED seat mounts removed:

    EL Seats mounts being welded in:

    All done:

    And with EL seats fitted:

    Quoting now from my original thread on this:

    What this also gives me the is right seat spacing for the handbrake (EL FLoor mounted, ED dash mounted), the mount for which is already in the car now. To complete the cabin side of things for the handbrake I have to bore a hole in the floor for the EL's grommet and cable.

    Last thing to do for now is transfer the EL's seat belts over and that will be it for a week at least. With the school holidays end fast approaching, I had better do some stuff with my kids before moving onto the next stage of my transformation.

    Next small mod was changing the standard GLi cabin light to an NF Fairlane cabin light, bigger, more light and the ability to install LED's later on.

    The ED stayed like that for a while while I stripped the EL further of all its parts. You see I was planning to do a complete swap of ED parts for EL. The build process of that will follow in posts to come....


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    Great effort mate.

    My first car was a ef falcon that I got for $800 and it was great. Loved it and was really sad to see it go.

    Good luck with the build and enjoy
    If it's got to be done.... It's got to be jdm


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      Hi MY91MX

      The build is already done, this is a replay for the MightyCarMods forum
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        And so we begin the epic journey. I will basically be copy & pasting as I went through the initial build. The preliminaries start here:

        Jan 17 2009

        Further progress on stripping the EL today, much better weather for working on cars.

        Out today:

        * Diff - ready to be cleaned and serviced, well new oil at least, new rear cover gasket plus painting. Would love to have some EL ABS axels to throw in at the same time....
        * Rear Springs
        * Dash - all ready now for one of those damn elusive EL Fairmont looms - when I can bloody find one!!!!!!
        * Heater Box - ready now to have climate control stuff added.
        * Steering wheel off - bugger of a job that was!

        Tomorrow the steering column and pedal box will be out then on to the brake/fuel lines and fuel tank. Will then set the doors up for electric windows and then remove them plus the rear hatch. Very last thing to come out will be the wiring so I can pull each section out and immediately transplant into the ED.

        Jan 19 2009


        Ok, I am pretty much done striping the EL. The only bits that are left are those that will be directly transferred to the ED, like the doors, rear hatch, full wiring and a couple of other things. I have run out of room to put things so that another reason

        I am aiming for Thursday/Friday to drive the ED into the backyard for the transformation to begin. Between now and then I will setup plugs for my NL cluster, clean and "service" the diff, clean and *maybe* weld the K frame seams (if I have time to get it done), swap the front springs over for the Kings Lows I have, clean and paint the engine, add the CC bits to the heater box and a few other things.

        Oh, on the CC/heatrer box subject - the blend door motor I got didn't seem to have anything on the drive shaft bit - what is supposed to go between the motor and the heater box? 'Cause I'll need one

        Getting there....


        NL Fairlane 16 pin cluster plug is now complete. I moved each wire over 1 slot giving me 2 holes each side (vertically) I then sawed off the extra, cleaned up with a file and sanding on glass as bingo! Clicks in nicely. All ready now to be attached to the Fairmont loom when it arrives.

        Off to make the 12 pin door sensor plug the same way


        12 pin door sensor cluster plug now made. Off to decide on a wiring scheme
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          Jan 21 2009


          my EL Fairmont dash loom arrived today. Absolutely perfect, removed with much care. Everything I need is there plus a few that I have no idea what they are, like a blue plug around the location of the BEM which doesn't have anythng to plug into and 2 bulb sockets & bulbs - one on each each of the loom. I suspect these bulbs may be footwell lights but need confirmation so if they are I can work something out. That blue 4 pin plug though has me stumped....


          Ok, weird things in the vaccum lines for heater/climate controls on the EL I have. That errant black line above (on the Ghia vaccum controller) does actually have a matching one coming in, it is the shorter of the two smaller lines coming in from the engine bay. I also have a large line coming in that splits off in two directions - one off to the resevoir and the other into the vacuum block.

          However, my errant one on the Ghia side of the block does NOT have a matching line in the GLi standard heater controls. What is surprising is that I did not hear any hissing/sucking noises when drving the car back from Newcastle.

          So, to make a long story short, now I need to go back to PnP and find the car I pulled the vacuum control out of and try and see where this damn black line goes! Major PITB I can tell ya!


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            Jan 22 2009


            Why does this ***** keep happening to me!!!!!!!! I went out and fitted the Fairmont dash loom to my dash tonight and it has plugs for every kind of friggen option EXCEPT FOR A BLOODY TRIP COMPUTER!!!!! I am tired and p****d off right now and just cannot believe that a Fairmont wouldn't have a bloody trip computer.

            In the area where it should be are 3 plugs - 1 for rear demist (looks the same as the GLi one), one for rear wipe/wash (looks the same as the GLi one) and one other plug that matches the pin configuration of the electric aerial switch. Nowhere in this trio (or loom for that matter) is there a small black plug that fits into either the friggen clock or trip computer.

            I am just about to give up on the whole bloody thing and burn the friggen lot of it - aaarrrrgggghhhhhhhh!


            Well this crap just gets better. The wiring is there but does not have a plug on it, it does not look to have been cut off because it was half way under the foam that wraps the bundle. I mean I had to tear the foam covering off until I got to the wires.

            I started at the RH cluster plug to see if the blue data line was there, which it was. I then went up to the bundle in the TC area and found the data line went at least in there somewhere. I then found all the correct colors going in to the foam but never coming out!

            Had enough for tonight now, wonder what other roadblocks will be thrown up along the way......


            Well the heater box is now 95 percent ready to go in. I have all the climate control stuff attached in their proper positions and have some high density foam coming home with Rach to redo the various bits that have fallen apart.

            One hiccup though the the freshair vent arm which has broken off. I am currently devising a way to fix it but if that doesn't work I will see how the ED's one is, hopefully that won't have broken off.

            With the foam, Rach aksed for a 600x600 piece and they wanted $30.00!!!! bugger that, so she spied some offcuts in nearly the same size and got those for $5.00 - go figure!!!!


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              Jan 23 2009


              Well, last night I decided to solder the plug on for the trip computer. All went well, nice joints, all "shrink wrapped" and pretty. Put the dash facia together and the bloody cables were too short to get to the TC! Bugger! I cut the plug off again and will today solder it back on with longer tails!!! The thiings you learn

              January 23, 2009 - 7:45pm the saga starts. The ED is now in position and the tear down is in progress. My darling wife Rach is going to pull the dash out after dinner as I kick off the engine removal.

              Today I pressure washed the K frame, diff and engine/trans in preparation for fitting over the coming days.

              I will update the thread at the end of each day to relay progress.

              Pics up soon of how the ED looks now, before it becomes and EL hybrid.

              Pics of the pretty much bog standard ED GLi wagon:

              The changes from rock stock have been the addition of the EL wagon taillights, a chrome grille and a NL Fairlane dome light. Everything else about the car is stock....oh, that is aside from the current engine which is an EF with log manifold etc as detailed in this thread a while ago.

              The only real mod that has been done up to this time is the addition of the EL sub tunnel and seat mounts detailed earlier.

              Now, this is what is destined for the car over the coming 4 days. All going well I hope to fire it back up on Tuesday afternoon. Wishful thinking? Maybe but we shall see.

              EL Diff:

              EL K frame complete:

              and EL engine & trans with 133,000K:

     a whole lot more, basically everything there is to be had from the EL wagon.

              As the ED stands now the dash is 90 percent removed (just the wiring to be disconnected), the front gaurds are off as is the front bar. Ran out of light so back into it early tomorrow morning....


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                Jan 24 2009

                So, an update while I am stuck inside.

                This is how the project sits at the moment:

                The engine is 99% ready to come out with just the trans lines at the trans, the LH engine mount and 3 hoses to disconnect. It just got too damn hot to continue (for me at least).

                I already forsee a couple of issues with this transformation. For example, these holes in the EL:

                do not exist in the ED:

                and I will need to locate a 65mm hole saw from somewhere for the big one. The EL's front loom comes through this hole and feeds all the relays, battery, lights etc.

                I also need a 25mm hole saw for the handbrake cable hole in the floor as I want to do it properly and include the grommet.

                I will be continuing when the sun goes down, or at least behind the trees. Hopefully by dark the engine/trans will be out. After I set up my flood lights I should be able to get the K frame out tonight as well.


                Alrighty, the old EF engine is out and is destined for my wife's EB. Next on the list is the K frame once the car is down off the ramps.

                Updates as they happen.
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                  Jan 25 2009

                  Another day, another update.

                  Today I removed the dash and heater box:

                  Stripped the interior:

                  Whats left is just sitting there as I have nowhere to put it out of the weather...

                  The K Frame:

                  And the ABS unit with brake lines attached:

                  The ABS isn't going back in as the EL system is different and I don't have EL ABS axels or front rotors. Will probably sell the system complete.

                  So the ED is looking a bit sad right now

                  Plans for tomorrow are strip the engine bay of everything that is left which is mainly wiring plus the brake booster/master cyl (ABS) and a few other bits and pieces. The bay will then be cleaned. Depending how I go I also hope to get the steering column removed, the pedal box removed and alot of the interior wiring gone.

                  Tonight though I will be fitting the ED's fresh air box/vent from it's heater box to the EL heater box as the flap is unbroken. Then I'll renew the foam and she will be all ready to go in. I will also finish up the dash wiring with the door ajar plug. I plan to use some of the ED's wiring to run back to the doors, might as well use it for something!

                  One thing I forgot to add is that the ED's suspension had a camber kit - yay! This of course will be finding it's way onto the EL's suspension before it gets installed. It's only a shim version but better than nothing...


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                    January 26 2009

                    Alrighty, good progress made by 12:30pm:

                    Dash area now totally stripped:

                    Engine bay totally stripped:

                    Wiper area stripped and cleaned:

                    And this is the mess called engine bay wiring from the ED:

                    Next task is to wash the engine bay and then the front end is all done, ready to be refitted with everything!


                    End of the third day update. No pics this time - too damn tired.

                    Engine bay now shiny clean.

                    Installed a few things from the EL to kick things off:

                    - Engine bay firewall padding.
                    - Wiper motor - wiring is different due to loom
                    - Front brake lines and rear line section to join current line heading to the back
                    - Cabin firewall padding
                    - 3 looms - left hand loom from the ECU into the engine bay. Covers engine wiring plus a few other things, sub dash loom (the one directly under the windscreen) and the right hand loom to inside the engine bay. The remainder will be worked out once I have the friggen big hole cut.
                    - Pedal box in temporarily

                    I also removed the brake and fuel lines from the EL so I can cut bits off to graft into the ED, bits like the fuel line connectors etc.

                    More tomorrow


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                      Jan 27 2009

                      No pics just yet, camera batteries died. Will take some tomorrow and post then.

                      With so many things to do, plus trying to keep the kids happy on their last day of holidays, I decided to deal with some simple stuff. First up, was attacking the airbag mounts required so I can finish up the dash. So I did the usual and drilled out the spot welds on the two mounts and extracted them from the EL. The sensor near the floor area is simple to install although I haven't done it yet. The control box is a little more tricky as I thought I could just locate under the dash area a little ways from it's original location in the EL. However, the under dash padding had other thoughts and the cutout specifically for the box no longer lined up. In the ED the ABS computer mounts under the dash also on totally a totally different mount, so I need to get rid of that to put the airbag box in the right place.

                      Not feeling like lying on my back again today, I then moved on to the cabin wiring. First job was to remove the ED's wiring which went smoothly until I got to the back. I then started with the very rear wiring that feeds the tailgate and interior lighting and what a bastard job getting the left hand taillight plugs up through the body cavity! After persevering with that I finally extracted the old wires and threw it out. Then I had to do that same to the EL. Installing it was a little easier although one difference had me scratching my head.

                      In the ED, on the right hand rear side is a block of relays along with another black box (WTF is that for?!). When I extracted the EL's I couldn't find the bloody block anywhere (I had previously started removing the EL's wiring) and I spent at least an hour looking for it everywhere. Turns out the bloody EL didn't have one, proven by the fact that there was no wiring/plug for it! SO, to cut a long story short, the ED now has EL cabin wiring. Oh, and the EL has different plugs then the ED's wiring for a lot of things so changing the tailgate and door/door looms is a must now

                      So then I thought I would tackle the wiring harness that I need the bloody big hole for in the side of the drivers footwell. The plan was to run it as far as I could and bore my required hole later. Well, I didn't get to run it anywhere! Turns out there are *more* differences between the ED & the EL in that area too. For a start, the hole that the wiring re-enters the engine bay through is closer to the windscreen than the ED and that little fact throws everything else off. Need another hole now

                      So I decide to play around with the wiring that runs across the front of the car, more differences to deal with later on that one too. I even temporarily installed the LH headlight, airbox and bumper to see how much room I had for things like the thermo relays - it's going to be squashy!!!

                      By now it is late in the day so I had dinner and put the kids to bed after my wife left for volleyball. Not looking forward to the hot day forecast tomorrow, I broke out my new dual flood lights (1000W of light! yay!) and installed the EL K-frame. Now that was fun on ones own First up I dragged it onto my engine crane and wheeled it under the car (eventually). Using the hook over the top, I attached a chain in a cradle formation and started hoisting the K frame up under the car. However, I couldn't get the balance point right because the crane wouldn't go forward enough so only the front of the frame was lifting. Got out the floor jack but it wouldn't fit under the rear part. So I then jacked up what I could of the back so I could put a couple of blocks underneath. Eventually I managed to get the jack in place and started the fine balance between the crane, the jack and pushing/pulling the frame until it was finally hard up against the chassis rails. To this point I have the main nuts and bolts in and the struts just sitting in their respective holes. The remainder will be finished off tomorrow morning when I intend to put some wheels on, drop the front off the stands and move to the back to do the diff.

                      Until then (with pics of some stuff from today - goodnight!


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                        Jan 28 2009

                        So, pics from yesterday:

                        Rejected ED cabin wiring etc - go away evil infested mess!!!

                        The mess that is the dash area:

                        The EL K frame installed:

                        The two airbag mounts extracted from the EL:

                        So, onto today....

                        After finishing up the front suspension I turned to the next thing. Got my hole saws today so I worked out where the handbrake hole should be and....

                        Oh no, there's a hole in the floor!!!

                        That's OK, I filled it with something

                        There is the same depression in the floor in both cars, it's just the ED's was covered up just begging to have a hole bored in it!

                        Then it was on to geting the airbag mounts in.

                        The sensor mount was simple once the location wass found via the firewall padding:

                        The controller however got me thinking. If I was to drill out the spot welds on the old ED mount I would have holes in the leaf tray under the windscreen, not good on rainy days with water dripping into the dash loom! So I modified the controller mount to fit around the old one and then only had to drill two holes for the mounting screws. The holes were drilled and the mount was attached with plenty of blue silicon inbetween and all over the screws to ensure no leakage. This is the end result:

                        As the heat outside increased I decided to try one thing that has been bugging me......

                        Look Ma, No door!!!!

                        I have already fitted the EL door, had to adjust the door mounts to get it to close. Not too sure about it yet, it was easier than converting an ED door to use all the EL stuff but I know the color difference is going to bug me. The jury is still out on this one.....

                        So, until it cools down a little, thats it from me for now. I will be continuing later so there could be more updates for today to come.

                        Oh, and one other thing done today, the big hole in the kick panel for the forward wiring loom. One more to do at the very front of the car and I'll be ready to wire the front end.


                        More progress for the night....

                        In car airbag sensor fitted and plugged in:

                        the airbag module in, pedal box in, brake booster fitted but not attached, wiring junction box attached plus the wiring harnesses connected together (cabin to inner dash, front loom to main junction):

                        My snazzy airbag module mount turned out to be in the wrong place, it was between 5 & 10mm too far to the left. Getting the damn thing just right took too friggen long tonight, had to fit and refit the pedal box 5 or 6 times while getting everything else to line up as well!

                        I have a lone plug that I cannot remember what connected to it:

                        It's the little bugger in the photo, comes off the inner dash loom. Can't find a picture of it anywhere in my pre-dismantling shots so unless someone with knowledge has a clue, I'll have to visit PnP to see what/where it goes on one of their cars on Saturday.

                        Need sleep now for tomorrows round.


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                          Jan 29 2009

                          Just had to show you my cool hole I made in the front for the wiring to pass through, pretty damn proud of it! Yea, I know - get a life A bit of rubber around the edges and it'll look factory!

                          Back to it.....

                          Still going, running out of time to do little updates. Mass update from yesterday and today a little later, probably when it gets too friggen hot to be outside.... did I mention I hate the bloody heat?!!!!!!


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                            Jan 30 2009

                            Well, it's that time of the day again - the kids are home from school and it's about 100 degrees in my backyard. Paulc, you are 100% correct on the damn humidity, I have spent most of the day soaking wet just from sweat (smelly!) and the bottles of water I took outside were warm within 30 mins!

                            Anyways, on to the update. First up I have to say I feel like a NSW politician spouting that the western rail link will be finished this year. My 4 day prediction on this build was SO far off the mark. Here we are at day 7 and I am not even half way through what I need to do. I have myself of blame on some things but I just want completeness in the whole project....

                            So to yesterday.

                            First up was the final install of the brake booster:

                            This may look like every other brake booster you have seen but it's not - his name is Bob and he has been rehomed. This is the EL's booster and front brake lines to replace the ED's booster and lines after the extraction of the ABS system.

                            Next up is a little mod I did. After cutting the cool hole (see above) for the wiring, I moved the harness to enter the engine bay through it and started to work out where things went. In the EL there is a block of relays that use the shock tower as one mounting point and the rear of the battery box as the other. Of course the ED doesn't have these relays in this position or mounts so I set about working out the "front" mount for the relays. I decided that rather than come up with a mount, I would use what the EL had. After a bit of staring at the problem and thinking I came up with a solution:

                            What you see here the the rear of the EL battery box attached to the ED battery box. I cut the ED back off so a lip remained and then cut off the EL back off, also with a lip attached. Currently I have the two screwed together as a "proof of concept" but being happy with it I will clean up joint and pop rivert them into 1 piece.

                            Now, what that allowed me to do was to install all the EL electrics exactly where they would have been in the EL:

                            The coolant tank is just sitting there to make sure it still fits.

                            Another little project I am working on the the inclusion of the EL's power steering cooling lines. The ED doesn't have these so again a bit of thinking was in order. Coincidentally, the ED has hole on the lower front thingo to cover the lower mounts for the lines. The uppers will have to be extended as the EL has a smaller hole on the front.

                            The biggest issue is getting the lines to run back into the engine bay and, as you probably guessed, the ED has no provision for this. So I cut another one of those cool holes for the lines to pass through and not foul anything else:

                            I have some subtle bending to do to get them to sit right but it should all work out just fine. Now I do not have to change any of the power steering lines on the rack, it will just be plug and play (so to speak).

                            No direct photos, but another little sub project that keeps me from other things is the fitting of the EL's air con condensor. The top mounts are TOTALLY different and will require custom version but I have a plan in my head for those. The bottom mounts will effectively just need redrilling and a couple of spacers so no problems there.

                            And that was it for the daylight. After dinner I finished up the 12 pin plug for the door ajar sensors as I have an NL Fairlane cluster.

                            Now, today.........

                            Today was dash install day and the single line of "Install Dash" on my to-do list just does not do justice to the time involved! First up was the EL steering column install. One gotcha with that is the fact that they have 4 studs and two self tapping bolts on the firewall plate whereas the ED has 6 self tapping bolts only. So I had to drill out the 4 holes before fitting the column. No pics, a column is a column!

                            Before I installed the dash itself I replaced the windscreen vents with the EL ones as the ED's were full of silt! While I was up there I also installed the tweeters under the windscreen and bloody lucky I did as you will see later.

                            On to the dash.... after manhandling it into the car, juggling it on various things while I connected all the plugs and finally getting it into position, I started to screw it down only to find......

                            I had forgotten all about the bottom mounts BenJ had told me about. You see, for the uninitiated in installing EF/EL dashboards into EA-ED cars, the lower mounts on the kick panels are different! So, with thinking cap on plus looking at what the EL had in that area, I came up with these:

                            30mm x 30mm x 6mm aluminium angle suitably modified into lower dash mounts. The captive nuts are from the EL. One trick with these is that the hole attaching them to the car is higher than the hole in the front where the dash screws in.

                            After sweating like a pig in my garage making these I continued with the dash install and a few hours later (until about 3pm actually) I had this:

                            Lotsa little things to do to button this one up (screws missing etc) but it is getting there. Now, why I said I was glad I installed those tweeters is because the EL's dash harness has the earth strap in a different place than the ED. While the ED's is in the centre, the EL's is on the drivers side and of course the ED has no place to screw it to. I got around this by using one hole from the tweeter location - I hope it works as intended.

                            Those wires you see hanging down under the dash are the door ajar wires. They will be extended from there into the various bits around the car.

                            So, that's it for now, I am going to rest inside now until the sun goes down and then go back out and pull the diff out. Ha! Another one of those one liners on the the to-do list!!!

                            Here it is just past midnight Sydney time and I am done for the night.

                            The diff is now 99% out (just sitting on the springs), hand brake cables all removed and ABS disconnected. Tomorrow it comes out completely and thank God for that, no more bloody whining from the back end.

                            While I was under there I found the source of my fuel smell, the tank is leaking - looks like at the joint between the two halves. Can't quite see because of the guard. So now I definitely need to swap tanks between the EL and the ED.

                            Just reading up on the removal process and I see the tank install will need resealing. What sort of sealant should I use to do this? The manual states a 15mm bead around the whole thing. If someone can fill me in on what to buy I'll go grab some.

                            Off to bed now, 7:00am start to catch the better part of the day before it gets too hot and to wish my kids well in their baseball games. They understand what Dad is doing, my daughter just likes all the cool new buttons in the car and she is so looking forward to power windows Gotta love 'em...

                            Night all, more updates tomorrow.
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                              Jan 31 2009


                              And the public shall receive... (damn my keyboard now has grease marks!)

                              Rear bar off both for accessibility and the fitting of a towbar

                              Diff totally disconnected, springs and shocks removed. The diff is still there because I have nowhere to put the bloody thing yet!

                              Fuel tank unbolted and disconnected. Fuel lines under the car to go and then a fight to get it out

                              And one last one of a very tired spring hanger - the EL's are better so......

                              It's heating up now and the smellies have started again. Working in the shady bit now and tend to follow the shade around the car as the sun moves!