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RD's ED Falcon evolution....

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    Nov 2009


    Well, the front end is disassembled with only the rack to come out. Bought all my stuff today so it is all on. Will be borrowing Rachs car tomorrow to get the balljoints done and get any supplies I need.

    I had to do the job today as the suspension place I get the balljoints done at don't do them on Saturdays, so tomorrow is it if I want to keep to my Monday back on the road timetable. I am well on track to get everything I planned done so that has to be a good thing.

    It actually looks like the radius rod bushes have been done at some stage as the standard rubber ones are no longer there. The wheel bearings look to have been done not long ago as well as they are in perfect nick - the had some lovely blue grease in them and not the normal goop that you usually find.

    Anyway, off to shower now, high heat today plus rain while I was doing it makes for some messy stuff


    Ok, the SS steering rack is in and one side of the front end is back in. Got a great deal on my balljoint job 'cause it was Friday, had to do with beer o'clock

    Question: the SS steering racks have a different arrangement when it comes to hoses (or so it seems), the holes seem to be arranged differently. I have connected the pressure line from the pump to the "upper" hole and the return line to the "lower" hole - looking down from the bonnet direction - am I correct? This is the only way I could get the hoses to actually screw in....


    Happy to report the front end is now done. Chris (a_total_tool) called over to double check my steering hose config and we managed to get the rack bled fine. I did actually get it right when I put it together.

    Have been for a quick drive with the new suspension bits and the SS rack and.... wow! The rack certainly makes a difference!!! The suspension feels nice and tight too. All that has to be done is to get a wheel alignment and some new tyres and everything will be set.

    I am just about to start on the back, including the spring reset so I'll report back later...

    Ok, I have one side out and the springs separated. The bolt holding them altogether actually came out without too much hassle. One end seems to be round (should it have been) so I locked that in the vice and slowly undid the other end with some assistance from CRC 556 . I now have the small leaf off and turned over but my clamps aren't big enough so I am off to Bunnies to grab a couple that are. If all goes well with this side I will take action shots of the other side as I do it. Interesting times ahead

    Well, the first spring is done and, in my opinion, was a PITA. Still, it's done now and back on the car. I have an issue I need to sort out with the diff not quite locating on the hat but I was dying to see what it looked like.

    To my amazement, it actually works! As far as I can tell it is lower on the adjusted spring side than the side with the lowering block in it. I tried to take some pics with Rach's phone but they came out crap. I need new batteries for our daughters camera so will snap some in the morning and then will document the process with the other spring, that's if I don't decide to do it tonight

    Just a quick rundown.....

    - Remove spring from car.
    - Undo the centering bolt.
    - Take the small leaf off the bottom, flip over and put on the top.
    - Apply two 6" G-clamps and slowly clamp the spring down, alternating between the two clamps.
    ** NOTE: MAKE SURE THE HOLES LINE UP IN ALL LEAVES. Got caught by this one and had to start again.
    - When you get close and a bolt will go through all leaves, use the bolt to finish off the compression.
    - Close the clamps up hard on the spring and remove the temporary bolt, replace with the final HT bolt (mine was original)
    - Refit to the car

    You will need either the original centre bolt or one that protrudes from both ends. These protrusions are used to locate the hat and lower plate on the spring, which in turn locates the diff.

    I promise pics when I can, we just seem to be short of damn batteries at the moment....

    Ok, all done. Sorry, no pics of the process as we don't have a working camera and I wanted to get it done before it got too hot.

    One tip I can offer for squashing the small leaf onto the rest though. Instead of using only clamps, get yourself some 5/16 threaded rod. Cut a section long enough to go through all leaves and put double nuts on one end. Then screw another nut from the top and keep tightening. As you get closer to the end you'll need assistance from the clamps but it goes alot quicker and keeps all the holes lined up in the process.. Once it is all snug, tightly clamp it and remove the threaded rod and replace with your high tensile bolt.

    The result? Well it is actually lower than my 1 1/2" blocks and has the advantage that my springs are not as close to the ground as they were. With heavy duty shocks fitted the ride is the same if not better than the blocks and it handles the school speed humps very well. Handles pretty good too although now I want a bigger sway bar in the front plus a rear swaybar to tighten it all up.

    All in all I am very happy with the result and have a more stock looking suspension than before. Off now to get the camera working so I can take some final result shots.

    Anyhoo, heres some pics of the final result:


    Did a bit more work to mine today.....

    When I assembled my car during it's rebuild I only had GLi wiring for the right hand side of the engine bay. It was missing a few things like wiring for the ambient sensor and the low water sensor. I acquired a Fairmont Ghia loom a little while ago and decided to fit it tonight and what I thought would be simple turned into a major exercise

    I have to remove the headlights, front bar, thermos and air con condenser, and undo the radiator to allow it to move backwards. Shoehorning the old wiring out and the replacement back in was tricky as well but I finally got it all done. While I was there I replaced the coolant bottle with a sensor version acquired earlier and also replaced my front bar with a ED Fairmont version I had lying around. The chrome strip is showing it's age and needs replacing but is better then only one side of the insert I had earlier. This bar also has a lip whereas my GLi one didn't and has spots for 2 horns instead of one - I'll have to get another one if I can;t find the extra one I have.

    So now I have a working ambient air sensor and the low coolant light no longer flashes at me all day long. Only a couple of flashing things to get rid of on the dash now

    I also have some interior extras coming to tart up the inside a bit, more on that when I have them in my hot little hands.


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      Dec 2009

      Well, I am now in the market (after xmas anyway) for a set of ute springs for the rear. Since I have done my lowering trick I am getting strange noises coming from the back under certain circumstances. I think the springs I have may be a little tired and aren't handling the lowering too well.

      With a set of ute springs, I can do the lowering trick prior to fitting and will have a tighter rear than I have now. Bloody annoying but what can ya do.


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        Sep 2010


        Long time, nothing happening on the beast. She has been ticking along for a while now in a partly finished state.

        This Friday I will be swapping out my dash for a non-PAB XR6 unit to finally rid the car of all airbag related parts. While the dash is out I will attend to a couple of issues, like the air con fan not working and the wiper delay being missing. I am hoping the fan issue is just a speed controller, the wiper delay needs a wire from the loom plug to the stalk, one of the old airbag wires will be rerouted for that purpose. I am also hoping to install a small socket in the dash to supply power to a future nav unit, hate the cig lighter plug and have seen snap's implementation so I am stealing the idea. The PAB dash already has a good home to go to so that will be one less thing to move when we finally leave this place.

        While I have the dash out I may also finish up some of the other wiring I need to do so I can finally button up the interior plastics that have been missing for over a year. There are a couple of other additions I want to make to the interior, the parts for that are slowly coming together.

        The engine will be receiving a little attention soon too, more on that when it happens. I need to swap the cats between mine & Rach's car to fully satisfy one of the additions. I am tossing up whether to install LPG in the coming weeks or to put it all in Rachs. Still deciding that one.

        Another addition due soon will be a 5 speed, I am well on the way to having everything I need. The box will be coming down from QLD when I have somewhere to put it. Still a few parts to collect as the budget allows.

        Not much else to update, will revive this thread when I get going again...


        Car is all ready for the dash swap now. The XR6 dash has been stripped of it's wiring and the bits that I can take out that don't affect the operation of the car have been removed from the ED. I even took the carpet out so I can *finally* get the door ajar wiring done.

        Later this avo I will pull the door cards off so I have a clear path and so I am motivated to do something about it. Dunno if I will get to the rear door and fuel filler in the time I have but we'll see. I have to pull the left hand rear plastics off to get at the fuel door wiring and I am remembering what a PITA that was to put in! While I have the door cards off, I'll wire everything up for the lights that go into them, may have to bug poor ole snap on the right way to do it Still, my goal is to have everything wired or at least preparatory wired so I can put most of the plastics back together and only have to finish off the doors. I only have 2 of the ghia door lights (and they are cappa!) so I couldn't finish them off anyway.

        On to tomorrow!


        The wagoon now has a non-airbag dash, one that started out as an XR6 and ended up as a Fairmont-Futura - ha!. Thanks heaps to Ray who dropped by to watch (ha!) and ended up assisting. The dash badge is currently a Futura one (Ray got the XR6 badge), I have a Fairmont one somewhere to replace it. Ray also found my recirc flap thingie was busted and repaired that while I transferred the Fairmont wiring into the XR6 dash. I didn't get as much other wiring done as I wanted due to time restraints but I did get some passed through to the front passenger door while the dash was out, would have been a PITA to do with it in.

        Also found out (well, Ray found it actually) why my variable wipers weren't working. I followed the wiring from the main dash loom to the column loom and found it was all there. Snap then set about pulling the stalk apart to do some tests. What he found was one of the wires coming from the end of the stalk had pulled away from the little pot thing. So I now need to a) repair that or b) get another stalk and graft the parts into my one.

        While I was in the dashless cabin, I removed the inside airbag sensor and the airbag controller. The only airbag bit left is the steering wheel bag which unfortunately has to stay until I find a wheel cover sans the bag. Anyone happen to have a deployed airbag they don't want, all I need is the cover. I also need to remove the airbag light from the cluster, the NF unit shows the airbag light on hard when there is no controller there.....

        So, I now have one dash less to move, one more to pass over to BenJ


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          Aug 2011


          Geez, almost been a year since I posted anything in this thread! Well time to fire it back up again. My working on Rachs EL and me getting the VK Calais mobile again has motivated me to get my A into G and start doing stuff to the wagon.

          First order of business looks like being a new BEM, the interior bits are starting to play up, the first being the windows. This has only just started happening but the windows will not work when you first start the car. This morning I bashed the dash where the BEM is and they arted working again, hence my leaning towards it dying.

          Next thing is an oil leak, I have crap all over my fan belt, pulley, water pump and alternator. It looks like it is coming out of the bolt that holds the water pump in, will know more tomorrow when I get a chance to clean it (it's out with Rach at the moment).

          And lastly, a question....

          With Rach keeping her EL Cappucino interior I have her gray Fairmont interior to get rid of. I am thinking about putting the seats in mine but, of course, they are car seats. The front are no problem its the rear backs and bolsters. Without actually trying them, am I going to have dramas putting these into my wagon? Suggestions and info welcome.....

          Now, actually did a couple of things to the ole girl today. Fitted the front & lower back seats from the Fairmont to the wagon. I also changed all the plastic bits for the EL grey from my GLi seats. The Fairy seats need a damn good clean, will hire a Rug Doctor and give them a birthday:

          And this is all the EF plastic bits discarded...

          I also stole the faux leather console lid from the EF, cleaned it up and installed.

          I then changed my visors over to the NF Fairlane visors I got off Matt and while I was around the screen I installed an AU rear view mirror to see what it is like. Not the best condition mirror but it's just a test anyway.

          The next task will be the rear seat backs. I am still deciding what to do in that area and the Fairy has a centre armrest and my GLi seats don't. That may mean I go with the changing the mounts route rather than the swap the fabrics over. I will bow to any higher power (snap? ) that has any other suggestions/advice.

          I am in the zone now and have LOTS of plans for the wagon. Some are very top secret


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            And so it is we reached today and are up to date so far.

            So what is in the future for this car? Well for one I need to get the rear seat uprights fitted, but thats Fridays project.

            On the to-do list is install a 5 speed. I have an EL 5 speed up in Qld, just need to get that to Sydney. A few more parts to obtain for the swap pover but it is close.

            The engine will receive an EL XR6 camshaft & 300kpa fule reg, just waiting on some rockers to do the deed. You see, my engine is a late 98 4.0l, what they call a "hybrid" engine. It has a number of AU engine parts and different valve springs (conical), different rockers etc etc. I need standard rockers to replace the AU versions so I can use an EL XR6 cam. Aren't these things fun?!

            A little way away in the future is a replacement suspension and engine. The front suspension replacement will require engineers certification as it requires welding and major changes to the front end. The back is a simple diff swap. Thais will allow 2 things - later engines to be installed without modification (AU, BA twin cam, BF twin cam) plus will open up the better options for wheels and brake upgrades.

            The brake upgrades will become essential for the final stage..... I am hoping to turbo the car. 5G+ is a tad out of my reach at the moment so I am squirreling away dollars for the parts.

            Anyway, enough ranting....



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              I'm not even sure what to say to this thread...

              Should I just give you a forum?

              All I can say is that you must be a very patient man who works hard at what he does, I mean look at this thread!!!!
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                Hi jmacman12

                Hmmm, my own forum.... may just need that with what I have planned for the ole girl - RD's Crazy Modding Adventures sounds like a good title - HA!

                Some called me patient, some called me insane. I took on the task not knowing what the outcome would be and learnt heaps along the way. I know every nut and bolt in this car which helps when things start to die.

                As you have probably witnessed in my other thread I am now planning to install a 2JZ-GTE along with either a 5 or 6 speed transmission. Along with that, and at around the same time, I also will be converting the entire front suspension to AUII or AUII. This gives more room for different engines and has the added bonus of bigger brake options with AUIII brakes. In back I want a AU Wagon LSD diff as well to keep my wheel spacing consistent and also allow better options in wheel upgrades later on. With an AU offset I can use any wheels designed for AU through FG falcons. I suspect this thread will be growing over time....



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                  Now now... A twin cam barra engine with the t56 behind it would go nicely
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                    looks great buy the look of the thread it looks like your hard work payed off. great job mate
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                      This thing is so sweet, I love wagons. Mum has an AU wags that is just a total workhorse, goes to show how reliable they are ford tough