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Partying, Partying. YEAH

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  • Partying, Partying. YEAH

    Whats up. You guys might remember by Blue skyline build from a while back. And then even before that my 240 build. Finally found the car i love. Hope you guys like it

    I've had a skyline for a year, and i was starting to fall in love with the 4 door drift car look. I bought my skyline with no real intentions to drift it. then i sold my 240 drift car to drift skyline. Before i actually got to drift skyline i sold it and bought this jz81 that you are about to see.

    This is a 1991 Jzx81 Cresta, with a mark 2 front end. So it doesn't quite line up, but its pretty good in my eyes.

    Kei office front coilovers 12kg springs

    Cusco rear coilovers 10kg springs

    z33 front brakes

    Racing gear tension rods

    Flipside customs rear camber arms/toe arms

    2-way diff

    Delrin RUCA bushings

    ORC super single

    Yamaha factory front mount IC

    ARC bov

    Hippo Sleek side skirts/rear bumper

    Destructo King front bumper

    MOCAL oil cooler

    Oil filter relocation

    Cams (iirc HKS 264)

    Mine's Intake

    Mine's ECU with Greddy E-manage piggyback

    Bride Brix passenger seat

    NRG deep steering wheel /w QR

    Omori water/oil temp & oil pressure gauges

    Blitz Dual SBC

    Blitz boost gauge

    3" RSR downpipe

    3" Dartesumi Exhaust /w magnflow 3" resonator welded in

    When i first got it. **** i hate those wheels


    Can't tell. But interior is fully gutted. Nothing in the rear, no carpet, nothing. I hated it

    Was time to put my seat in it, my wheels on it, and a random shift knob my buddy made. I actually liked it

    Got my wheels on

    Step dad backed into car. WTF. Just glad he didn't hit the grill or headlights

    Got an alignment. **** this didn't last long. My coilovers started changing heights themselves and now it pulls to one side

    After bumper is fixed. Did some interior stuff

    i see an ORC single clutch. YAY

    Changed the pressure plate and disc and release bearing

    Beefy clutch fork? I'll say

    Got tired of stock twins so went to visit buddy after his shipment from Japland came in

    Loaded up truck with some wheels. Got my turbo kit. Im good

    Since this car was a daily driver. I had the weekend to throw the single turbo kit on. Hopefully everything lines up.
    I wasn't going to put the kit on till the following weekend but somehow buddy convinced me late Friday night to do it. I tackled the dead at midnight Friday


    Pulling stock twins.

    turbo kit on

    Pulled diff to reseal. Leaked like a mutha ****a

    Sold body kit off car. Car is parked for winter. Getting a new kit over winter. Doing fuel side over winter as well. Fuel pump. FPR. 800cc injectors. Power FC.

    Going to respray car the same color, but paint side trim black
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    1JZ No shit!

    Might need to add some ']' closing braces to your image tags; Hoping one of said images is of this thing sideways ripping 3rd gear skids?
    Originally posted by Ron

    Originally posted by MOOG
    Metal owns all others and that is all!

    Daily - 1991 Corolla SX
    Project - 1988 N13 Pulsar SVD 18LE Turbo


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      Good luck with the build


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        I don't know what happened with pictures. Something must of happened when i carried it over from another forum.

        Anyway. All fixed now. No action shots because i just got the car before summer started. stock twins were crapping out. Got single turbo kit, but no tune. and i wasn't going to risk blowing engine up.

        next year this car will see the track. No ifs, ands, or buts
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          I was about to say I love everything but the hideous kit and interior then bam, the kit is gone.
          Looking forward to seeing this being driven.

          JZX*** are my favourite series of cars. Ever.


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            That is one big ****ing gear stick.
            Nice ride btw
            Originally posted by MOOG
            RS Liberty is an option but they are old and shit.
            Originally posted by TomBrulinski
            mate, have you seen it? hahaha I bet $1000 the half cut is going on the 180sx.


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              Thanks. I actually liked the kit. Maybe cause i just like kitted cars. But im going full Serial nine kit. Im sure you have heard of them. Local company here in BC, Canada. If you don't know the kit just google it. I have yet to see the kit on a x81 yet. only a cressida so far.

              This car is a Cresta but a Mark II front end.

              Gear stick is in garage now. I have my more subtle bubble shifter on

              thanks for the comments


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                Buddy and i got our garage. He has a 1989 Nissan Cefiro that we will be swapping a RB25 into.

                Work will be done this winter. Finally nice to have a a garage. its a decent size for two cars


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                  Buddy and i got our garage. He has a 1989 Nissan Cefiro that we will be swapping a RB25 into.

                  Work will be done this winter. Finally nice to have a a garage. its a decent size for two cars


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                    nice work, cant wait to see it sliding. should be good fun, and when you break the 1JZ upgrade to the 2JZ
                    Qualified to do stuff!


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                      i dont think i'll break the 1jz. i better be sliding next year. atleast a bit. haha


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                        So buddy and i got that garage. I think i mentioned it already. Ill post pictures up. its just a basic house garage. But it will be a nice size for our two cars. With some spare room around to work on them


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                          hey are you in canada as well?
                          Jordie Lewis
                          '93 Skyline Type-M


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                            Yeah. Im on the west coast haha

                            This is the garage. Nothing two exciting. Parts will be coming soon. I just gotta find a reliable winter vehicle first then i can put all my money towards parts

                            Anyway. This is the garage. Sorry for small picture.

                            Buddy and i will add a little flavor to it. After all it is a Garage/Hang out spot.

                            heater works. will keep me nice and warm all winter
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                              mad cresta (cressida in AU) , what exactly doesnt line up on the front end? thanks, Ben.