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    you might not have a fluid clutch Fan then, I wouldnt know what Toyota use really, but there are lots of people that say the same thing as I had, ie , read post 4 , he provides a decent short explanation of what goes wrong, and I know its the same with Nissan's aswell
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      i think its the same as toyota. but laying it radiator side down or vertical will be ok. cause the seal is on the back (where it bolts to waterpump) so by laying it down with that side up the fluid can't seep past


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        Spent a lot of the day at my shop.

        its really really nice out here right now. had my garage door open working on the car.

        anyway. I got the old oil pump off. then i got the new one on, the new waterpump on, i got the timing belt on, the crank pulley, and the oil pans and such. made pretty good progress today.

        Oil pump off

        new and old next to each other

        new one on

        getting there

        Oil pans back on

        Where its at right now

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          Its been a long ass time since ive been on here.

          Im going to try to bring it up to speed to where my car is right now, from when i last updated the thread

          Got the engine in the car and got everything hooked up

          Went a little crazy on the engine bay paint colours

          Super Stoked to have her out of the garage

          Test fit body kit

          Had a Photo shoot with my friend since we are a car duo together (I hate the kit being white and i dislike these wheels)

          Parents were gone for a weekend so decided to spray my kit. turned out shitty but was a lot better than white

          Got new wheels. Still wasn't in love with these wheels either. but they were better than the black ones, and given the circumstances i was glad to have em 18x10 +22 all around

          That is how the car sits right now over winter here in Canada.

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            any updates ?


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              Are you located near Lake Chaparalla?