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1987 Nissan Gazelle MKII - old school cool

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  • 1987 Nissan Gazelle MKII - old school cool

    hey peoples,

    this is my 1987 Nissan Gazelle MKII hatch. i've owned 2 gazelle's previous to this one one was my daily the other a parts car that i still have. i sold the drivable one after completing my nissan 180sx project a couple of years ago. i began to get bored after not doing many "major" mods on the 180sx and decided to pick up another project. wasn't really looking hard to find cars but as soon as i laid eyes on this bad boy i had to have it.

    so heres the story so far. copied and pasted from another forum so its out on context and beware its long cat!

    went to check out the car in Heidelberg only about 15mins from my house and as soon as i saw the rear spoiler poking out from behind a fence as i drove down the street it was pretty much settled then and there haha.

    checked out the car from top to bottom and it was really good condition considering its age. nothing was really unrepairable well accept for the front bar which is a bit of a set back but it'll patch up alright, it also has a cracked windscreen which im not to fussed about. i also noticed the fuel lines for injector no2 had a hole and was spraying fuel like a mofo but that was an easy fix. so then and there a put a deposit down and was going to come back to get it that weekend

    so saturday came and with my cash, my toolbox and a piece of fuel tube i headed for boki's place. got there and started on the injector tube straight away, had it repaired in about 10mins. went to start her up and chug chug chug...... nothing fu**! so did some diagnosis and noticed a couple of the spark plugs were very very loose so i tightened them up and had another crack it started then died again because there was no fuel so boki grabbed the jerry and we were off to the servo got 5ltrs and headed back filled her up and had another crack. it tried to go but just couldn't quite get there. so i whipped out a few plugs and they were shot. so we took off to repco to pick up a new set. 20mins later had them all swapped out and we were ready to have another go. broom! its alive and running really well. so i packed up my sh** handed over the cash and i was off. YAY!

    before i had even picked up the car i was up a pick-a-part looking for parts that i remember not being on the mkII when i had been to see it. so i managed to get my hands on a pair of headlight surrounds, some mint indicators, both rear parcel shelves, set of new RED ignition leads and a few other bits and pieces all for $16 ahahahhaa

    so on sunday i finally got to work on it and tidy it up. took off the rear spoiler for repair removed the grill and the parkers so that i wouldn't damage them while working on the motor. as soon as i got home i went to super cheap and picked up some things to service the beast i got some nice synthetic oil a oil filter, fuel filter, new brake fluid, new ps fluid and a fair few cans of degreaser haha

    so i started with the leads swapped them all over then put the new fuel filter on (u should see the sh** that was stuck in the old one! i dont think it's ever been changed) and thats what was causing the engine to cough and splutter. tried to start her up and started then died out of fuel again! off to the servo again with the jerry, this time i bought 20ltrs! haha oh and while i was there the mechanics were throwing out a big trolly jack. so i asked them why there were chucking it and they said they had got new ones in. so i asked them for it and they gave it to me!!! fu**ing sweet deal right there. so all loaded up i headed for home to fill up the gaz. got the fuel in and had another crack, it started but it was as if it wasn't sparking all cylinders so i double checked all the leads just to make sure i hadn't swapped any around, they all were correct. so i pulled the dizzy cap off and there it was all the contacts were munted! especially the coil contacts. so off to pick-a-part again to pick one up. i was happy as because i managed to find one in mint condition! and for only $8 also stole a whole heap of little bits and pieces for the car.

    my 180sx which i built from the ground up

    my old gazelle

    mmmmmmm mkII

    mmmmmmm spoiler

    check that heaps sick plush interior. very goot sondition too just gonna retrim the top of the door skins

    check that filthy old pos fuel filter. i dont think it's ever been changed! 260000kms worth of sh** trapped inside!

    look how cool those RED leads are hahaha

    grill and parkers off. oh and thats my new old shop jack, im still soooo stoked about that!

    got to put a fair few hours into it 2day as i got the day off (RDO FTW!) spent most of the dat geting it to run smooth. turned out the rotor in the dizzy wasn't making full contact of both coils (twin spark engine) spent ages ****in around with it and finally ended up just sliding the rotor contacts closer to the cap with a screw driver and that worked a treat. so i spent the rest of the day changing the fuel and water and giving the engine bay a good deep clean.

    dont have pics of the progress as of yet but i'll get them up soon.

    let me know what u recon, i plan on making this a really clean jdm styled street/track car.

    im aiming for something like this

    so heres some photo's of the slow process or removing parts cleaning them and cleaning under them. i want to get it to a really good presentable state and getting everything working before i start modifying it.

    removed the spoiler to repair it and clean all the crap that had collected underneath, and there is zero rust under it even around the holes its perfect although i did find a nasty dent but im not goin to bother to repair it because the spoiler covers it

    the engine bay is coming up really really well. all except for the intake pipes and the air box, they are both covered in surface rust, not worried as they'll probably come out.

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    i still haven't got to the interior but it look in mint condition, just gonna hit it with a vacuum and some kitten interior stuff.

    everything behind the front panels is straight as! really happy about this

    cleaned out the gutter above the firewall and took all the trims off and cleaned them. the gutter was full of heaps of dirt and shit but still no rust! i really think this thing has been garaged for most of its life.


    even the paint is coming up really well, i hit it with some cut and polish and its coming up like new!

    the front bumper is almost un-salvageable check the size of that chunk of bog! and the dodgy screws underneath haha when i eventually get to it i'll make a decision on what to do. i'll be looking out for another one but they dont come up all that often and when they do they're pretty expensive.

    thats the dizzy cap i had to replace, the two centre pins are meant to be spring loaded and not burnt and corroded haha

    few updates, pretty slow progress though. i gave the the car a quick cut and polish to see how the rest of the paint work would come up and its come up really well. could still do with a machine buff but it'll do for now while im doing the mechanical side of things.

    so the hand brake doesn't work and i was told by the previous owner that the cable was disconnected so i thought sweet i'll jump under in the afternoon and reconnect it. so i reconnected it and wound the adjustment all the way up and the handie still wouldn't engage so after more ****in around i found out that the cable had rusted up inside on of the little boots and snapped. so off to pick a part again to pick up another, i've got so many parts of the gazelles up there haha. while i was there i walked past a car that i noticed had a plastic lip on it. so i whipped it off and went and compared to the front of one of the gazelles. just looking at it i could envision it fitting with a little bit of cutting and heating and its perfect fit from one side to the other i recon its gonna look nuts

    picked up some s13 lca's and castor rod brackets, thanks billie!

    hektic jdm belts! TAKATA! haha

    and this was the contents of the ash tray, i thought the flower thing up the top was a purple ****in tarantula! AHHHH! and some car wash tokens haha

    and this is the extent of the damage on the front bar its lookin worse and worse and i look over it. it should come up alright though, i'll wait to make a decision until i have taken it off and had a good sus

    so its been ages since i've updated this thread. i'm stil collecting parts for it which is really qe hard considering the rarity. BUT! i have managed to get a mkII front bar from the middle of bum **** nowhere! found a shell for wrecking in the middle of nsw countryside and mannaged to get the guy to send me the front bar. its in mint condition and came with indicators and a reo for $100 delivered! :COOL:

    the next step was to track down some jdmness for the beast and i found it in California because these were a usdm and came a an SE the had all the good bits on them from factory, i got one of the blokes from to send me a factory plastic aero front lip and a pair of skirts all the way from cali. really cheap too.

    wheels finalised for the s12 unless i find something with lower offsets, 15 x 8 -9 all round with a 15mm slip on on the rear.

    now for some pics

    thats the new bad and the new lip. more pics will be streaming through in the next month sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo stay tuned

    made a bit of progress on the car 2day, cleaned all the conv. parts to go in to the s12 then pressed new ball joints and bushes into the lca's, cleaned up the s13 rotors ready to go in. stripped all the s12 front end suspension and threw it in the bin lol. now im up to cleaning the chassis and cross member ready for the installation of all the new parts.

    i also noticed that the rad support had be changed as some stage in its life and some type of dodgy filler used to cover the welds and joins. so i started to remove all that by carving at it then cleaning the areas with a rotary brush. all the welds for the repairs appear to be good and correct so all thats needed is to buy some proper body sealant and paint it all up nice.

    i've also changed my mind on the wheels i was going to buy. i was goin to buy a set of performance challengers in 15x8-9 and 15x10-27 but squeezing the 10's under the rears is just goin to be a pain in the arse. so i discovered a company in the UK who make period style wheels in almost every size and offset. i've chosen to go with a set of 4 spoke modular wheels in 15x8-10 and 15x9-20 which should look fu**ing dope

    im just waiting to hear back from them regarding exact sizes and prices.

    i also bought a bride seat the other day and if i dont sell it i'll put it in the s12.

    heres a few pics of what i've been up to

    been pretty busy on the s12 over the last couple of days. i really wanna get it to a roadworthy state asap. so while all the front sus was stripped out i stripped back all the old crusty sound deadener out with a rotary wire brush, cleans them and sprayed them with killrust and new deadener over the top. looks like new now.

    my new coily's rocked up the other day to so i test fitted them in the nice clean wheel arch

    next thing was to strip the front end. its had a repair in the past, was a pretty good job they used alot of sealent, so im stripping all that back and the surface rust under it and treating it all with killrust and repainting it all. while all the parts are off they'll all be thoroughly cleaned and or painted. theres also sooooo much overspray on everything and its such a bastard to get off. so all the plastic pieces i have painted with brake fluid to strip the paint back without damaging the plastic.
    its all coming up pretty good. im gonna order some paint next week and i'll hope to have a fair bit of the parts prepped ready for colour

    its all in black killrust primer atm. will hit it with some paint soon enough.


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      also dropped the steering rack ready for modding. it was covered in sooo much shit. took ages to get it all off. now i have to rethread the s13 tie rods, adding 10-20mm extra thread and cut the same of the end so the s13 tie rods and ends will work with the s12 rack. then add some lock spacers and thats it for steering. other than maybe modding the LCA's and knuckles

      my twin tips arrived 2day. thought i'd be a poser and take some snaps. should look sweet once i weld it all up and position it. im really not a fan of the rolled ends so im gonna chop em off

      2.5inch in 3 inch out

      my twin tips arrived 2day. thought i'd be a poser and take some snaps. should look sweet once i weld it all up and position it. im really not a fan of the rolled ends so im gonna chop em off

      2.5inch in 3 inch out

      and just to give u's an idea of how far out that nose piece was here is a before and after with a line guide

      it had been bent right in and kinked it completely

      so i showed it who's boss

      so i *****ed out and just bought a set of hoshino's that were for sale locally. i finally got a reply about the 4 spoke wheels and was a little disappointed. the 4spoke 3 piece wheels are no longer in production and i can only get them in a one piece and at $300+ per wheel plus shipping and tyres it was pushing a little to high for a "cheap" build lol so the hoshino's had been for sale for a while and i finally decided to just buy them even just for the time being i guess i could always widen them.

      specs are 14x7.5-1 front and 14x8-7

      i originally wanted 15s but looking at a few examples of s12's running hoshino's in 14inch my mind was soon changed

      picking the wheels up on wednesday night cant wait to start reco'ing them

      finally finished my steering rack after searching almost every hardware store around lookin for a m12 1.25mm button die so that i could extend the thread on my s13 tie rods. got that done 2night, installed them re-greased the whole rack, new boots, new ends, all cleaned up and ready to rock installed it but i didn't get a pic coz it was too darkies

      so its the s12 rack with s13 rods and ends. nothin spesh

      now i have to bolt the rest of the shit together raise the back change all those bushes, install the coilovers, fab up a new zorst with my new blast pipes then finally get back to the body work.

      fun times ahead

      so i finished work earlie 2day and decided to put in some solid work until the sun went down. managed to get the front end suspension finished got the brakes on bled the power steering got the stock wheels on and dropped it back on the ground.

      then i went to start it to move it but it wouldn't start. so after some troubleshooting i worked out the fuel pump was seized, damn so whipped out the pump to find a pretty nasty sight. tank full of sh**, pump full of sh** and the cradle starting to corrode, more damn

      then i lost light and couldn't do anymore, even more damn

      so i have to order a new pump and clean and modify the cradle for it.

      front sus finished

      pump out



      contents of filter lol


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        car back on its feet

        pretty sweet fitment for standard wheels

        got plenty more done tonight. ordered a new walbro fuel pump, bought some new rear lower control arm bushes. the tank is pretty filthy and rusty so i dropped that. thank f*ck s12's have a drain plug! there was about 45 litres in there haha.

        bot it out and gave the outside a really good clean, took off all the sound deadening and dirt and sh** and filth ready for a nice new coat of paint. thinking of painting it either white or red or even just laying a new coat of sound deadener. i'll figure that out when i clean the inside out.

        anyway heres some pics it really does look like its just rolled off the assembly line in japan. came up imaculate

        i can see right through it! haha

        will come mint as with a good scrub

        just bought it from nissan oem

        so i have a pretty epic update to exited to even wait till i pick it up haha. i just won an engine on ebay, well 2 engines to be exact and a gearbox and a loom and an ecu and for **** all

        so im just gonna leave this here

        its a fj20e i was originally looking for a fj20et but this came up and i really like the idea of building a strong and reliable 2ltr NA. part of the reason i enjoyed my original s12 so much. and on the other had if i want a turbo fj i'll just build it out of the spare motor

        i guess i gotta get the thing up and running before i start with all the pipe dreams. im also looking at buying a house soon so alot of my final goals for the car wont be reached for quite some time. main thing at the moment is to have it rolling and running within the next few weeks.

        im currently working on the rear end, i have removed pretty much everything except the diff and xmember, and am trying to get the rear control arm bushes out and get all the parts cleaned up and ready for reassembly.
        picked up a new pair of D bushes and link bushes today and some paint for the fuel tank, i've fone with a nice bright red to match the exterior (not that its going to be seen )

        finished modifying the fuel pump cradle for a walbro 255lph still needs a good cleanup to finish it off. plus i cleaned the inside of the tank and treated it with rust converter which probably wont last long but ah well.

        and here's a quick flick of the other motor i got in the sale, comes complete but i was told a couple of conrod bolts let go and consequently caused some damage. it also comes with both stlyes of intake plenum's offered by nissan a larger one for the dr30 skyline and a small version for the s12 silvia so pretty happy about that too.

        so finally saturday came and after going to an recievership auction i set off with a mate to Kawarren, 20mins out of colac. took us about 2 hours and 20mins to get there in the trusy kia k2700. finally got there and the dudes shed was ****ing epic! 8 car garage with a 2 poster hoist and a 4 car carport on the side. his colection of cars included a heavily modded 32gtr, ae86, r31 skyline, 2x 1200 utes, 2x Suzuki LJ50V baby 4wd's, new hilux setup for some serious 4wding and an epicly powerful buggie that keeps tearing apart hub splines haha. so anyway backed the truck in and loaded up both engines, gearbox and a box full of loom and spares. also scored a set of new rear brake pads so all loaded up we set off back to civilization haha. got back when it was dark so i didn't unload the motors untill today after the hangover wore off.
        so at the auction i mentioned i bought a 3phase 500kg chain hoist for $80 and a work bench, the hoist really came in handy getting the motors off the truck got it all unloaded and ready to go on an engine stand. had to pull the clutch and flywheel off to get it the stand and i couldn't be ****ed so i'll leave it untill 2moro. only got one pick of the whole adventure out the back window just after we left to get home. but 2moro arvo i'll be sure to take a few more of the haul haha

        tonight i went back up to my dads factory to mount the engine on a stand for inspection. got the electric crane rackin again i brought some large metric bolt from home left over from the 180sx but none of them fitted the tranny mount hols on the block of the fj so off to mitre ten to pick some up. couldn't find any on the shelf so i had to go searching through a huge box full of mixed up bolts and screws that were reduced haha managed to find 4 that'll do the job. $5 down i headed back to mount it all up. took the presure plate, clutch plate, flywheel and backing plate off and mounted the motor on the stand yay. thought i'll pull rocker cover for a quick inspection. all looks good except for the loose timing chain but thats a common problem in fj20's. this ones quite bad though as its been grinding on the bottom of the rocker cover. all those shavings had to have gone somewhere. i hoping their chilling in the sump or stuck in the pick up. all the cam lobes look mint as and the head seems pretty clean for 20year+ old motor. so over the next few weeks im going to fit it with a modified mazda chain tentioner and give it a really good inspection top to bottom and a good clean and paint, replace hoses, gaskets etc. and then once the car is reg'd i'll whack it in a go silly

        now for picture dump

        s12 intake manifold

        ****terish fj20 afm

        box of snakes alive

        my new engine stand

        ripper chain hoist i been using

        fj20 Yo!

        gouges made by timing chain :S

        gives good head!

        slack on chain, its only that bad due to hydralic tensioner so i'll fix that sh** when i get to it



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          got all the bushes pushed into the rear control arms today and cleaded them up, they look like new now. also got one of the rear inner guards stripped and painted before it got topo dark to work

          yeap weather was spot on! so i got a f*ck tonne of work done 2day, was a massive pain in the arse doing it all on my lonesome but what can ya do...

          started but priming my tank with kill rust primer

          next up was to get all this shit

          and stick it in there

          it was a massive headache to squeeze the new control arm bushes between the cross member tabs on my own but i eventually got them in. they weight about 15kg's each and u gotta hold all that weight then slip the driveshafts in then slot the other 2 mounting points in and then try to align the holes while still supporting the weight! AHHH! but its done so whatevs

          next to go in was the sway bar, swaybar mounts and links. gave them all a good clean and greased all the bushes before assembly

          then it was time to stick these kents in aswell

          and u get something like this

          having a separate spring and shock combo will mean having to do a shit load of adjustments to make it all sit correct but she'll be right better than these dirty old bastards

          and while all this shit was going on i did this

          its only the top of the tank so not worries about orange peel, only managed to spray the top as it was pretty cold and the paint wouldn't dry quick enough so i haz an ideaz :idea:

          sif not use your heater inside your house to dry freshly painted petrol tanks
          "problem mum?"

          pretty happy with what i got done today so now im having a beer


          pow pow

          just picked up some fj20e mandrel extractors for a steal! all the exhaust components are starting to come together now

          bit better than what was there lol

          so i made a fair bit of progress today, and a slight setback as well.

          i managed to mount my freshly painted fuel tank up into position, re-install my rear brakes with new pads, tighten and torque the rear end and hook up and install the fuel pump and cradle. once i did all that i when to start the car and she fired up straight away! naice! untill i notices fuel spewing out from the rear end ****! this is where a checklist would have come in handy because i forgot to reconnect the return fuel line to the tank so all the fuel poured out all over my freshly painted tank ruining it almost completely. FML! so this means repainting it again what a ****ing pain in the arse. ah well shit happens. i'll do it when i can be ****ed dropping the tank again.
          got the rear wheels on and was able to drop the car on the ground but it was too dark to clean out all the parts in the car and take it for a spin.

          so hopefully this weekend i'll be able to finally drive the car and see how all the new gear feels, should be good. then i start on cleaning it all up again and continuing on with the paint and panel.

          anyway heres some pics of todays adventure

          the coilovers have plenty more adjustment to drop the car further but it still need to go through roadworthy so this height will do for now. the standard wheels look so sunken with all that camber. but i'll need that much for clearance once the hoshino's go on.


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            soooo i bought some more skid wheels

            cheviot centrelines 14 x 7 +-0 with heaps of tread so i'll prob use these for roadworthy. i'll put them on the car this week and and take some pics. it'll prob look a bit odd becaust they've got pretty hoooge tyres 245-50 r and 205-60 f

            good evening *****es!

            got a **** tonne of work done 2day, my mate came round to give me a hand so i got a fair bit done.

            bled the front brakes, raised the front end to make it a bit more roadworthy, adjusted the steering, adjusted the front castor, removed and panel beat both front guards, installed both front guards, bumper, filler peice, grille and the front lip so i can drive it all up to my dads factory and start to prep them for paint.

            i couldn't fit the new centrelines that i just bought for 2 reasons, 1. the tyres are just far too big and 2. i didn't have the correct wheel nuts unfortunately. looking at the poke i get from a 14x7 -0 its gonna look pretty serious with a 14x7.5 -1 thats about 13mm more poke, ****enmajesus!

            got plenty of pics as well so time for a picture dump enjoy

            looks soooooo ****in tough out on the street, cant wait to finish the hoshino's

            my mates s15 rockin ssr professors like a mexican ****

            thats about 1/10th of the dirt behind the guard BUT still no rust

            who said it wasn't turbo, im rockin 2 snails :LOL:

            this was the damaged caused by the pannel being pushed back into the door and the door being opened onto it

            205's on a 7 -0 what were they thinking!

            aligned like a pro

            bro's lol

            u were poked by davis, would u like to poke him back?

            ANDRA spec (parachute and wheelie bars removed for pictures) lol


            just picked up some more goodies, still in keeping with period correct mods. nardi 360mm silver spoke classic and an old school boss kit, been lookin for an older style boss for ages! scored the pair for cheap, cheap

            haven't touched the car in weeks but im still wheel whoring

            southern ways 14x7+5 14x8-7

            more parts to add to the collection. im working heaps lately so i haven't had much time to get any work in on the car. picked up a pair of bothe engine brackets and mounts for the fj20 i also managed to source some rare as **** original nissan s12 mkII side skirts and end caps and they are in awesome condition for 24 year old parts

            so right now im in the process of moving to my new house which finally has a garage [first time in my life!] so stay tuned for all the paint and panel and serious shit


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              finished work early so decided to do some panel work on the old slapper. i could see that there had been quite a bit of bog used in the repairing of the filler panel below the lights so i carved all that off, sanded it all back and got to work tapping out the 2 large dents in the panel.

              tools used:
              - 3 dif types of hammers
              - a screw driver i filed down to tap out square edges
              - small peices of timber custom axed with a tomahawk :LOL:
              - tomahawk

              gotta love backyard jobs lol

              anyway got both dings out really easy and its only going to need the lightest skim of bog if any to finish it.

              well thins kind of opened a can of worms :S because it lead me to the left panel, which i noticed had some bog on it to. so i stripped that back to reveal a really bad kink it the nose piece that houses the front parker lense. so the panel had to come off for repair.

              knocked all that out and got it really really straight. this piece wont need any bog its that straight now. while i was ****in round with that paint started to chip off the wheel arch so out came the wire wheel and i started to strip that back, u know what i found? YEAP...... BOG ****in dodgy kents! ah well stripped it all off and started to tap the panel back to shape but it started to get too dark so i laid some killrust on it and went inside.

              gonna need alot more work to get it nice and straight again

              pretty happy with my panel beating skills these days. i used to just be a bog man myself lol. but if im gonna build another car it may as well be up to standard of my 180sx so its gonna be as spot-on as possible

              so car currently stands like this......

              dun dun dun


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                You have some seriously nice machines and a lot of talent with building cars, very jealous. Love all of your cars especially the 180
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                  Looks like fun! You've obviously put heaps of work into it. I love old school cars getting attention.

                  I wonder how popular these are. Would anyone want to kill me if I converted one to electric? Always looking for light RWD cars at possible platforms for conversion.
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                    the logical choice would be an mx5


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                      mad work, similar to my AE86 in body shape. and that FJ20 if you put some time, cash and effort into it you will have a awesome powerhouse.

                      keep up the good work, but one thing... me thinks you need bolt on flares and a little more of a drop.
                      Qualified to do stuff!


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                        fj20 s12 dam thats gona be some fun...


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                          Was scrolling down thinking to myself 'FJ20ET that thing! STAT!' Good to see you've got most of that idea! (Seriously, boost that FJ they love it.)
                          Awesome choice of wheels too
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                            cheers mate, still not sure whether i was to turbo the fj. i already have an turbo car and i really wouldn't mind a nice reliable N/A. besides, thats what made my old gazelle so much fun. it wasn't much power but it was always there lol

                            and as for bolt on flares, i was going too but it'll look so much tougher if i tuck the hoshino's or the meshies. gotta love a change of shoes for your car haha


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                              looks really cool dude. i love these old cars. the style just aint the same these days

                              BY NDH 795