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1987 Nissan Gazelle MKII - old school cool

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    the mkII is rare i only know of about 4 or so in aus. im aure theres plenty more u just never see them. the mkI is the common model, there is about 4 for sale on ebay atm. but thats rare in its self. there was alot sold but mojority of them have been wrecked or junked


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      so more work to report, im heading overseas for a week in a few days so im trying to squeeze as much progress as i can.

      i started work on the panel below the grille yesterday. as with just about every one i've ever seen it had some damage on it. maybe its because they are really fragile...? who knows. on face value it looked to be in excellent condition so i just thought i's sand it and be done with it. but as i began to sand away just like the bonnet underneath there was some previous repairs and some bog. so out came the stripper and it was back to bare metal again. under the bog on one side i found rust. so out came the welder. now some dickhead left the argon gas on last time he used his welder so it was all gone! a whole ****ing tank! so trying to repair a small rust spot was made really difficult with having to build up chunks of shitty welds to give me enough material to work with.
      but in the end it worked well enough.

      i had to use the same method on another spot. it was really thin so a trick i learned was to clamp a piece of aluminium to the underside of the sheet metal to act as a heat sink to stop from blowing holes from excess heat. works well

      next was the kinks in the side from the piece being bent then bent back to shape. so u get a stretched edge. to fix this i got out my map gas torch and heated the area till it was cherry red then taped it flat with a dolly underneath. then heated it again and cooled it rapidly with a wet rag to make the metal shrink back again. im really getting the hang of the panel beating
      few before and afters

      if u want to do this type of thing u wanna have a heap of different dolly's to work with. i've bought a few, made a few, modified them, you can never have too many.

      next was to give it a through clean and then rust seal then prime

      flat as

      and in other news i just bought yet another set of old period correct wheels. and these are some really interesting ones. i bought them off ebay with no specs on them other than that they would fit. datsuns, ae86 etc. etc. i liked the look and by the picture I could kind of tell that they had some decent dish and offset so I made a bid and won them at $150

      once i got them home for a good inspection they turned out to be better that i imagined. really awesome specs.
      front: 15 x 7 0 offset
      rear: 15 x 8 -4 offset

      so heres some pics. really odd wheels. dragway brand, made in Brazil they are a 2 piece design with chrome plated steel barrels and 3 spoke alloy centres.

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        I'm dying with envy!!!!


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          Cool another Gazelle. I'm pretty broke so I've gotta try and make mine last...


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            Really enjoyed reading this thread just read through the whole thing, S12's are pretty rare in NZ too, and usually like 5-6k and up even for a factory auto one from what i've seen.
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              long over due update and a large one at that. i've been hella busy these past few months with holidays, Christmas, new years etc. also went to japan for 4 weeks which was really awesome! got to check out Tokyo auto salon which was only by sheer luck that it was on at the time I was in Tokyo. bought a whole heap of stuff inc. 2 1:24 scale s12's
              so since i've been back i really wanted to get stuck into the s12 to get it finished so i can at least drive it.

              so what am I up to?

              i've reconditioned the door trims, these were rooted. so many cracks missing bits and creaks etc. so i've spent many hours on the hot gluing and screwing them back together. the've turned out perfect i just need to colour match some vinyl for the tops and im done.

              rebuilt the window switches

              next was the radio facia. it had been completely fu**ed by none other than gary's car audio. i wouldn't have paid $5 for this job

              this was his quality cd player install. hot glue, universal metal strips peices off a ford and black felt to fix his fu** ups. i wasn't even going to attempt to bring this back to life because i had a spare but it was way off in colour and just looked out of place and i really want the original look.

              so i spent ages picking away at the mounds and mounds of hot glue. i managed to pick every last bit out of the inside.

              next was the felt on top. this was put here to cover the wood screws he'd used to secure the steel. and not just one hole bu 2 because he'd first screwed into the metal clip behind then screw another hole next to it. so the felt was stuck down with what? yeap u guessed it hot glue. dont get me wrong its great suff but like everything theres a time and a place haha. so i gently heated and picked away at it and managed to get it all off with out damaging the facia. i looked brand new once i'd finished, bar the 2 holes in the top. the holes i'll cover with an old pioneer badge off some old retro speakers.

              next was sanding back and repairing the front and rear bumpers.

              the front was easy just sanded it back with my orbital sander and prepped it for paint.

              the rear on the other hand i knew was going to be trouble. i could tell from the out side that there was a previous repair. so i began to hack away at the filler to reveil a decent scar. it even looks like a scar because it was repaired with stapels then bogged over. but the stapels had rusted, split the bog and the paint. there was also another tear through the bottom of the bumper.

              i did a lot of research in order to repair this gash. i looked into getting a platic welder i looked into weird and expensive adheasives but none could definately assure me a perfect repair. so i though i'd have a go and repairing it with a method that just came to me. the repair needed to be strong and very flexable being a soft polyurethene instead of using fibre glass or something similar i deceided to go buy some polyurethane sealant/adheasive similar to silicone in a cauking tube. now on its own this stuff is fairly strong once cured but it would still tear open so i added some fibre tape to the mix. I cleaned and prepped the area and held the crack together with HD stappels on the put side. then i layed down a thin layer of the poly on then added a layer of the tape smothering and pressing it into the the poly like u would with fibreglass. i covered the patch completely with 3 layers of both the tape and the poly. same method used on the lower crack except i drilled a hole and the end of the crack to stop it going any further!

              so this was all just a gamble really and it paid off big time! so after it had cured for 2 days i removed the stappels (because they would eventually rust ) and its strong as! i even tried to tear it and it held so im wrapped with the result. the poly was only $10 for the tube and the fibre tape it really old plasters tape i had lying around.


              now all that left is to fill the outside and prep for paint.

              the next on the list was the exhaust. i've been meaning to do this for ages! but i left me argon gas on a few months ago and it all ran out so i haven't been able to weld for quite a while. i went and got another bottle the other day (fu** you boc and you registration and over priced fees and refills :thumbsdown_anim so this was only going to be a temp exhaust, nice an quite for RWC so it didn't need to be special. i made the whole thing from scraps of old exhaust pipe that i had either lying around or i grabbed out of the scrap bin at the local exhaust shop took me about 3 days on and off to complete but it turned out awesome and sounds really good. the muffler is an old ford one that was brand new but has been sitting around for about 5 years or so. glad i kept it.

              started from the cat

              as u can see it really is scrap haha

              all painted and finished. i only painted it because the multicoloured rust and sh** looked terrible and this bad boy is supposed to pass a rwc :whistle:


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                Spot on! Good to see you're back in the game!


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                  been going pretty flat out on this thing lately. after putting the finishing touches on the exhaust and fitting it up I took it for a spin around the block. I only just made it back when the clutch pedal fell to the floor and there was no clutch! damn. so this started a huge rebuild of a lot of parts.

                  the finished product

                  first point of call was the slave cylinder. pulled that off to check it. it was seized and full of shit. so i cleaned and rebuilt it with all new seals.

                  next was the clutch master. i noticed a big stain on my carpet in my passenger footwell at first i just thought it was just over use of the car and general wear and tear. but after a bit of poking around i found that the seals in both the clutch master and the brake master and booster had failed while not being used for such a long time and were leaking into the carpet. and on to the front right chassis rail. so all of that came out for rebuild.


                  clutch master rebuild

                  brake master rebuild

                  while poking around under the car cleaning and painting all the damaged paint from the brake fluid I noticed the sump and the front main seal was also leaking! so this began another mammoth job. to change the sump gasket on a ca20e you need to either drop the K frame or lift the engine. i went for the later. but it still very difficult! with the motor hoisted as high as it could go there was only just enough clearance to get the sump off, however there's the little problem of the oil pick-up. so with the sump dropped and resting on the K frame and with about 2 inches of room i undid the 3 bolts for the pick up dropped it into the pan and out they both came. while that was out. i changes the oil pump gasket, front main seal, timing belt, water pump gasket (this had been previously done with household silicone) haha also flushed the whole cooling system, braised a few cracks and mounts on the radiator, gave everything a good clean, paint etc. and reassembled it all.

                  I came to the conclusion that this motor has had a fairly hard life with the oil stuck in the bottom of the sump was all congealed so signs of the oil getting far too hot.

                  took me a while to clean it all out

                  all cleaned painted and reassembled. look so much better and i shouldn't have to do it again to this motor.


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                    Sweet, looking forward to more updates
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                      thought i'd update the thread as its been a while. haven't been putting any solid hours in on the s12 lately because I've been renovating my laundry.

                      anyway i've managed to track down quite a few parts that i have been after for a while and a few brand new ones.
                      i bought a pair of rear hand brake cables brand new old stock to replace the old ones in there. i already replaced these once before with second hand items and they have suffered the same fate. once the plastic coating cracks the coil surrounding the cable rusts and seizes the cable.

                      next was door hinge bushes. these have been annoying me for a while. the door was sagging so much that the interior trim would catch on the sill and just about tear if off so this had to be addressed. my mate khaled need the same job done on his jdm s12 so did my 180sx and his s15 so we made a group buy of brand new brass bushes from nissan. bit of a tricky job but i've done it quite a few times so its pretty easy once you know whats up.

                      opens and closes like a brand new door now *sounds just like a golf*

                      and here's a few other recent acquisitions

                      finally got my hands on a mkII bonnet!!!!!!!!!! thanks to dean, top bloke to deal with. so i have every part required to bring it back to its original state. i had to get it couriered all the way from NSW. dean packed it up in a massive bonnet box and taped and covered all the corners in thick cardboard and the courier still managed to fu** it. bothe back corners were sticking out of the box when it arrived and were both folded over i was going to do the whole insurance thing but i had no time in the end. so i just repaired them and got on with life the bonnet had another old repair on it around the wiper nozzle hole. there was about 3mm of bog which scared the fu** out of me because i was thinking under all the primer there was going to be a sh** tonne of dents full of bog! so i flipped it over removed the heat lining and to my surprise the bonnet was in mint condition apart from the small amount of bog around the hole. so i stripped back the paint heated the bog and scrapped it out. the dent was accessible from the other side and was very east to push out using a comma dolly. no bog required!

                      also bought these 2 parkers brand new old stock, i now have all 3 pairs offered by nissan for the mkII

                      and finally for this update i managed to track down an original working radio and tape deck for the old girl. there was a bloke on gumtree selling a gazelle so i asked if he would part with the radio and he declined a few of my offers up to about $100. then i tryed once more explaining i was restoring mkII gazelle back to oem and that most s12 owners throw them out as soon as they get the car and install cd players. re replyed saying "in that case, its yours. im more than happy to help out someone who has a passion for cars." how awesome is that? sold it to me for $20 plus post! top bloke.

                      how i got it. filthy!

                      cleaned and installed, stoked!

                      stay tuned, plenty more to come in the comming months.


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                        Wow. I'd never really looked at the S12 before I read this, now I want one! It's amazing how you're taking all this time to restore it, once it's finished it will look absolutely amazing! Your attention to detail is unbelievable, great work.
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                          This build is epic. Really enjoyed reading this and will continue to follow. Please keep the updates coming.

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                            Think I remember coming across your build for the Gazelle on JDMST, I've probably said it before & I'll say it again but **** I love 'em. Keep up the good progress.

                            Always see your 180 getting around. I used to own a silver JZZ30 Soarer back in the Vic imports club days, probably have cruised together before if I'm not mistaken.


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                              I hate to bump an older thread, but I have to give credit to the OP. Fantastic work, fantastic detail. You've reinforced the fact I want an older Nissan, and you've proved what can be done with an actual work space verses just a gravel driveway Just my opinion, but out of all the wheels you've bought the mesh ones are my favourite, and that O.E. radio is mad! Keep up the good work, and you can bet I'm subscribing to this. Thank you for making my time before work pretty awesome.
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                                So the work continues. slowly but surely. progress has slowed lately due to this green bastard, a 1976 RA28 Celica fastback. its my next big project which will be all funded by my soon to be father-in-law. the car will be a fully fledged rally car. it will be completely stripped, sand blasted, all rust repaired seam welded chassis and full weld in cage. the car will run an 18rg 2ltr twin cam with twin 40mm solex carbs. keep an eye out for this build it will be well publicised.

                                anyway back to the s12. i've been painstakingly working on the front end of the s12 tapping out dents and heating and shrinking the pannels to get the most perfect finish im capable of. i've already finished the mkI bonnet but i wont be using that anymore. so i finished off the mkII bonnet. looks mint as now. its taken quite some time to get the metal work perfect without using any filler at all. i have most of it in final primer now i just need to get a flexible filler for the deep gouges in the plastic bumpers and i'll be ready to start laying down colour.

                                repaired my mkII front lip using the same method as the rear bumper. except i plastic welded it first using a sliver of plastic off one of the mounting tabs then went over the top with the urethane adhesive.

                                another small job i've been undertaking was rebuilding my A/C vents. i had 2 almost perfect vents that i had already reconditioned and i stupidly dropped one smashing it to pieces so i found another pair from a wrecker in blue (my interior is a very rare colour in aus) to i've taken them apart piece by piece and im going to have to paint them all to match the originals. i just need to find the right colour now.

                                more updates to come as i progress