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Volvo 850 T5 Kompressor

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    So, as I can't work on the car at the weekend, I thought I'd start making a new slam panel.

    This is how it looked before I started:

    Then measure and mix up some black gel coat:

    And brush it all over the original panel:

    Leave it for three hours to go tacky, lay down the carbon fiber, then mix up the clear resin and brush on:

    Leave over night in a warm shed
    Whilst it was left to harden I cut out some logos in yellow carbon vinyl.
    Next morning I sanded all the rough bits off with 120 grit wet or dry, then stuck all the logos on:
    you can just see the carbon effect on the vinyl:

    Next stage is to mix up more clear resin, and brush on.

    And that's how far I've got so far, I need to leave it another 6 hours before brushing on more resin, then let it set for 24 hours before I can wet sand it all and finally polish it all up.

    Note that this is not making a carbon part, but much like vinyl wrapping but with real Carbon Fiber

    A couple more pics with the third application of resin, all the unevenness will be sorted during the colour sanding tomorrow.

    I'm a bit disappointed that you can't really see the carbon effect on the vinyl.


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      This thing is maaaadddd, congrats on all of the success.
      Slammed and Cambered.
      Too lazy..Slambered