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Jenga's Project Yaris

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    Even at 170hp I bet that thing goes like a rocket, they don't weigh anything!

    Less joins the better! My friend spent a whole day tightening up clamps on his evo...

    That's a good service from Haltech, did they tell you what caused your first one to die though? Wish I could afford to get a Haltech - the usual I'm spending all my money on importing a car instead.

    It's good that you're doing it over a long period of time, like you said, sorting all the minor issues out. there's nothing worse than modifying a car and then having it go bang.
    I stripped my car out so much it now has 49/49 weight distribution.

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      you still around and working on this jenga?


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        Yep, still around. The only changes since the last post are that the boost was wound up to 24psi, I installed a new set of injectors (850cc Siemens) so I have the option of going to E85 and it has a new set of RE003's. Traction is an issue, haha.

        It's all just worked and continued to work, quite amazing for a project car. I want to have it retuned to run E85, but I haven't gotten around to it yet.
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