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Ashes to ashes, rust to rust - ‘77 Kingswood Panel Van

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  • Ashes to ashes, rust to rust - ‘77 Kingswood Panel Van

    This absolute pile may not look like much, but I have wanted to build one of these for over 10 years so to me she’s perfect.

    1977 HJ Holden Kingswood Panel Van, 2.8l in-line 6, 3 on the tree manual and a metric shitload of rust. It’s also missing a steering wheel, all the gauges, tailgate handles, mirrors and a good chunk of the engine components.
    Fortunately the bloke did throw in a spare nosecone in great condition and I have a mate with a ‘76 Kinga Ute and an uncle with a HQ Sandman who have a bunch of spares lying around.

    The plan is to get the rust sorted, paint it a ridiculous shade of orange, throw an LS1 in and go cruising
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    That sounds like a very exciting project!

    I don't envy you all the rust repairs you need to get stuck in to....


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      So I've been super busy with work so I haven't had a heap of time to update the build thread but work is slowly but surely getting done.

      Pretty much stripped everything that needs to come off including the bumpers, nosecone, tailgates and seat. Due to the fairly gnarly rust (to be expected because Kingswood) I had to cut the seat rails off and drill out a bunch of tailgate bolts, which will be a bastard of a job to fix. Ground most of the body rust off to see what panels will need replacing and what can be repaired, the drivers door is completely cooked and the beaver panel is even worse. The chassis rails seem in really great condition and the tray hasn't got any rust whatsoever, less rust means less work for me!

      Thankfully my uncle has a huge stack of spares for what I need so I don't have to pay Rare Spares prices for the entire car. Next step is to start cutting and welding the replacement panels (floor pans and beaver panel) once I get my mates MIG back from the country.

      If there's anyone who's built a Kingswood and has some handy tips and tricks, slide me a message!

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