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95 Nissan 240SX Build

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  • SenatorBiscuit
    For whatever reason I couldn't attach any more images in that post, so I have to split it up.

    Anyways I got the engine back in after replacing the timing chain and of course the transmission.
    It also got new gaskets all around minus the head.

    It went pretty smoothly though.
    This is a shot of the newer front end ( kind of ) and the wheels I put on. The bondo on the quarter panel there is terrible. Magnets don't catch the metal at all!

    My friend had also put this god awful eBay steering wheel on for anti-theft purposes but it was one of the most unsafe things I've ever seen.
    The quick release mechanism had several MM of play back and forth and a little side to side, and I had it disconnect once or twice on me while driving too. So here's a before and after of that.image_29422.jpg‚Äč

    After all that, I noticed that I was getting just about every color of smoke you could get from the exhaust, depending on load and RPM...
    I drove it for a while like that but I started getting timing chain noise too so I parked it and about 2 months ago I started pulling it apart.

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  • SenatorBiscuit
    started a topic 95 Nissan 240SX Build

    95 Nissan 240SX Build

    Hey guys!

    I started posting about this car over in the "Member's Rides" section and it somewhat morphed into a build log, so I'm deleting that thread and starting anew here since it's a better fit!

    I helped a friend buy the car in late 2016 as an unregistered and really rough piece... Automatic, wiring not all working, etc. Backstory is hazy, but best I can gather is that it sat for a very long time after being wrecked by who I THINK is the original owner. After sitting from between 6 and 10 years, it was bought by somebody who got it to run, and then painted it this awful color. But he was never able to get the title transferred, as the prior owner moved in that time.


    I helped my friend buy the car for $1300 though, and he fixed a few more things and got it legal. He then decided to manual swap it, so he pulled the engine and trans, and then couldn't find parts, so it sat. I bought the car in March of 2018 from him, and it was in pieces.


    As you can clearly see, it's pretty smashed. I haven't gotten that fixed yet, but I did get the manual swap finished!
    It had about 135k miles on it (217k km) when I bought it, and I put about 2k miles on it before ripping it back apart, but we'll get there.

    Anyways, it went through a couple phases. I ended up getting a new front end and some wheels for it.