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  • VoroneTZ

    New mount for power steering and exhaust

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  • Kaktus
    That’s a very cool and unusual project, Dmitry!

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  • Master_Scythe
    a J series build?!

    This is amazing, and I salute you sir. Very cool work.

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  • VoroneTZ
    started a topic VTEC BMW SWAP, J32A2 in E28

    VTEC BMW SWAP, J32A2 in E28

    Hi there!
    My name is Dmitry, im from Russia

    5 years ago, i bought old bmw in junkyard

    i fixed and repaired this bmw and had install air suspension with pilish wheels

    2 years later, i understand what i must realise my old dream, a VTEC BMW
    I bought hks coilovers and J32A2 engine from Acura TL TypeS. Its V6 3.2L engine with 260hp

    I rotated intake to 180 degrees and remove stock hondas power streering, comressor, and install stock bmw power steering with hondas compressor pulley wia welded adaptor

    after it i installed flywheel, cluch and starter from russian ZMZ engine and made gearbox adapter plate

    i wanted to move engine forward, because i didnt want to move brake booster and i need space for thermostat
    that is why i bought cardan from bmw e32, its gave me about 12cm lenght more than stock
    to connect e32 cardan and e28 reducer and gearbox, i bought adapters

    when i put engine into bmw, i understood what i need to weld subframe, and then my friend welded gearbox mount too

    after it i connected new ecu to bmw wires, installed coolant pipes, radiator and thermostat

    last step was power streeting. Stock reduced was balk into egine and this is my i bought jdm bmw e46 power steering and mounted it to subframe

    when i remade steering arms, i removed bmw from hijacks....
    it was fiasko

    at first i have wery small streer angle

    and second... no commets

    i raised coilovers and powersteer was 3cm from ground
    after it i had a first ride

    now i need to weld exhaust and engine pallet to raise power steering