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JTCC Group A R32 GTR

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  • JTCC Group A R32 GTR


    Where do I start... I've had my '32 for quite a few years. Initially I used it as a daily until I realised that was a terrible idea. Then gradually over the years it because more and more track focused. It was never producing huge power. In its final guise it was ~430whp, but the setup was lovely. Nitron suspension, ikeya arms, AP racing brakes, great calibration, and plenty of seat time.

    Here's a little lap around Germany, which used to be an annual pilgrimage with friends. I never have been that fast around the 'ring really, but people seem to like to watch this one.

    Last year I got bored of track days and decided I wanted to compete properly again. The plan was that the R32 would go and an E36 M3 Evo or similar would be the replacement, just because the '32 seemed too clean to tear apart and change into a competition car.

    ...then I decided it was my '32, and I didn't care. The teardown started, and the more research I did about roll cages the more advantage I saw in putting a Group A cage in. This.. this was the moment it really all began.

    I had to work with a company to get the cage in and certified, unfortunately because of needing a 'ticket' for it, I couldn't do the work myself, although I lead the project. It took 4-5 months, long waits for correct material, many hours of labour. But the car was dropped back to my unit at the start of UK COVID19 lockdown number 1, what a bit of luck...

    The first bit of work I did was the turret reinforcements and inner arch raising. All hand made, formed, TIG welded. Afterwards I thought I wanted to share the project with people, so picked up a GoPro and started filming.

    Hopefully the embedded videos and such work on this post. I'm at about 25 episodes now. Hopefully this is of some interest to people, I'm just trying to do my best, by myself, outta my garage.

    Here's a couple of random ones. I'll update episodes on here as keep progressing.

    Historic Ap racing air jacks


    And what I'm still working on at the moment, windey windows.

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    This. So much this. So cool
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      This is very very cool! Definitely my cup of tea!

      Would you have the other videos uploaded on youtube, by any chance?