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The Kadini Coupe!

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  • The Kadini Coupe!

    This build begins on Ozgemini

    Since I can't post there at the moment I will continue here.

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    I suppose everyone was wondering how the hell do you fit a Suzuki Swift HVAC in a Gemini? Well so was I! Here goes!

    I thought I took more photos but I think I was more focused on getting it done.

    Previously bits were cut off the box and the dash until both fitted in the space. I had some idea of how it was all going to go together with how the duct work was to run. The first thing was to get it bolted down. I cut up a 50 x 50 piece of angle picking up various tabs along the bottom of the fan box then bent down onto the trans tunnel and kick panel. There were spacers on a couple of tabs but everything was initially screwed together with self drillers. Later on I replaced all the screws with nutserts/rivnuts, bolts and captive nuts. I used the angle to also make a brace along the side of the fan box to the firewall which bolts up behind the washer bottle bracket.

    IMG_20210227_150859 by Justin Sherwood, on Flickr

    IMG_20210227_150933 by Justin Sherwood, on Flickr

    IMG_20210207_155901 by Justin Sherwood, on Flickr

    There needs to be more bracing to the car later but this is enough to make up the ducting.

    The next thing that was obvious is that the wiper linkages were going to be in the way. I figured out if I turn the linkage upside down it would give me enough clearance and would then figure out motor placement. Problem is as soon as you touch the ball joints on these linkages they go to shit. Not to mention the bushes are hell expensive for what they are.

    IMG_20210207_190853 by Justin Sherwood, on Flickr

    My solution, since I have access to gas strut/spring mounting hardware, was to first replace the balls with standard strut rivet balls. I then “found” a length of aluminium rod which I bent to shape and threaded the ends to fit standard ball cups. This worked to clear the HVAC and left room for the drivers side demist ducting.

    I was still left with the problem of placing the motor to drive the wipers. It didn't matter where I tried on the passenger side something would clash with the motor. So I looked on the drivers side and settled on placing it behind the steering column brace. For 2 reasons, 1 I'm not keen on putting more holes in firewall than necessary and 2 it was easier to connect to the linkage previously made.

    Since I was now going to drive the wipers from the opposite end I welded a tab with rivet ball onto the drivers side wiper ball cup. I then went through all the wiper motors I had and used the combination as follows. A Suzuki Cino wiper motor rotated and mounted on to a TE Gemini wiper motor mounting bracket along with a Gemini rotating arm and strut rivet ball. The last bit was to make up a rod the appropriate length with ball cups. The Cino motor was chosen as it was smallest. It works surprisingly well!

    VID_20210220_142006 by Justin Sherwood, on Flickr

    I still had to fit the fresh/recirc part of the fan box which of course required cutting the whole arse off it. Bolted it all in and test fitted the dash. The dash will require more of a trim when I'm done.

    IMG_20210227_162656 by Justin Sherwood, on Flickr

    The fresh air duct was the first to be tackled. I bought myself a length of zinc plated gutter spouting and started at the original air entry screwed on through the original holes. (Just cutting, bending and pop rivets, as most of these pieces will be made.) These will be replaced with bolts and captive nuts later.

    IMG_20210227_181918 by Justin Sherwood, on Flickr

    I then bolted the box back in and sikaflexed the duct onto the box. When that had set I pulled the box back out and sikaflexed a sheet over the fan box that was cut out to fit.

    IMG_20210306_140257 by Justin Sherwood, on Flickr

    I had to somehow get the fresh air from the square duct into the top of the fan box. I made a triangular piece to sit on top of the fan box then a complicated piece to join the two. More cutting, bending, riveting and sikaflex later.

    IMG_20210306_155310 by Justin Sherwood, on Flickr

    IMG_20210307_130409 by Justin Sherwood, on Flickr

    IMG_20210307_130428 by Justin Sherwood, on Flickr

    The last bit for the moment is a start on the demist ducting. First I made up this piece.

    IMG_20210307_141827 by Justin Sherwood, on Flickr

    Then sikaflexed it in here.

    IMG_20210307_142515 by Justin Sherwood, on Flickr

    This now gives me about 50 x 50 outlets either side but it will probably need a trim to fit. I plan to adapt to some sort of flexible ducting from these outlets to the demist vents.

    Now you may be thinking the space behind the steering column brace now occupied by a wiper motor is needed for other things. Originally a demist duct went through it as well as the speedo cable. The speedo cable still will fit (reason for Cino motor), and the demist ducting is going to be custom made in a different direction.

    I picked up a few other things recently.

    A Suzuki EZ Swift climate control unit. That's right it's going to be full climate control. As the HVAC is FZ Swift and the control is EZ Swift there is a small compatibility issue with the fresh/recirc actuator but I'll figure something out.

    IMG_20210307_130143 by Justin Sherwood, on Flickr

    Then there are these out of a VW Sharan/Caravelle/Transporter van POS thing.

    IMG_20210307_130252 by Justin Sherwood, on Flickr

    You'll find out later what these are for!

    Till next time!


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      Nice project, thanks for sharing!