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  • Unconventional delight

    Didn't realise this site had a introduce forced post when starting so posted previous in the wrong location because that's the only spot I could get it to work.
    I have a 2014 nissan altima 2.5 I want to build up to look like it fits in tokyo drift while staying street legal. I know it's stock setup is not suited for much so I plan to swap the engine and transmission for starters. The Toyota E153 is what looks to be the best for a good FWD manual hoping someone here can help me with good engine recommendations that either pair with that trans or are easy to get adapters for with little to no power loss. Any help is appreciated, I'm aware this isn't a conventionally easy platform but this is the car I've chosen to work with.

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    Yeah, I think it’s required to make at least one introductory post, but after that you’re free to post everywhere.

    Sounds like a cool but ambitious project you’ve got on your hands!

    The engine that’s in it, no point in tuning that instead of doing an engine swap with all the issues and costs that entails?


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      There's simply no market for parts to the original engine, so everything would need be custom made otherwise I would. I don't mind I higher price tag for quality parts but I'm not paying half the cost of the car just to have a part made to fit for an engine that I am unsure is good for high performance to begin with. 2.5L Nissan, dependable but don't imagine track viable.


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        That makes sense! Would using an LS3 engine be an option, should be relatively cheap over in the States? I'm sure there is already someone who's made the E153 gearbox fit the LS3, might be worth some further research at least.


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          Is there any reason you don't want to go the cheaper route of turbo + ECU?
          Or even simpler, supercharger + ECU?

          The cost and level of effort involved is just universally less.
          It's also Much more 'tokyo drift' style, since the whole 'scene' there was about making each car, the best it could be.
          Taking what you had, and making it better.