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A buggy for the Worlds Premier 4x4 Channel - because the best 4WD is RWD

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  • A buggy for the Worlds Premier 4x4 Channel - because the best 4WD is RWD

    So - bear with me here - this used to be a 1968 Beetle:

, really! Honest.
    So the basic premise was, it had a hopped up 2.1 litre aircooled VW engine and transaxle in the back, it had like, 110bhp on a good day and weighed about 750kg:

    Enough to be entertaining, but not a lot of power really.
    Enough power to blow up the transaxle though. So we swapped that for a big Renault UN5 one instead.
    Turns out what killed the transaxle was the engine picking up and spinning a bearing. So we fitted an RX-8 rotary instead at the same time. Be rude not to right, who on earth replaces engines with the same ones, where's the fun in that?
    So now it's 800kg and 250-odd bhp:

    Lots more fun. Also blew up 3 engines along the way. Along with fighting dead coil misfires at many events. Rotary was amazing when it was on song, but it wasn't on song often. Added some bits along the way, it ended up at 850kg and 268bhp by the end. Then the engine blew again.

    So, after a lot of sulking, what do you go to if you want a reliable engine? Honda, right?
    S2000 engines looked nice, light, small, 9000rpm like the rotary for the gearing, unfortunately a little bulkier and a bit heavier, but similar power. Perfect.

    So we fitted an F20C. And supercharged it with an Eaton M112 from a 4 litre Jag V8. Because reliability is nice but who swaps engines without going for more power? Reliability, what?

    So yes, we're just about at the end of fitting the the Honda, goes for final dyno tuning on Tuesday. Now there were a lot more upgrades along the way, bodywork, chassis, suspension, brakes, etc, etc:

    Which means it's got a little heavier than wanted at 900kg, we need to lose a little weight, but 350bhp or so with 900kg should be okay for now, we can drop 25kg fairly easy later. Or turn the boost up...

    I'm gonna do a full writeup through things bit by bit but I thought I'd just do a quick TL: DR intro - there's a quick walkaround video from the other week here too:

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    So slight spoiler - had a couple injectors go down, replaced them with some ID1050's (cause bigger = better, right?), rewired the harness, changed out some stuff on the crank sensor wiring that was cracked (OE honda looms suck, btw, that's the last of it replaced now), and got it back running, it's on a safe map so keeping out of boost and running rich (and under 6krpms) so nothing too interesting but look, she moves:

    I'll get back to the writeup eventually, honest, just need to finish gluing the windscreen in. And dyno time. And a race the weekend after next that we're like 1% prepared for...


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      Its like a Tamiya FOX RC car IRL, so cool


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        First race, it finished both days with nothing more than fixable issues, amazing for the first time out, great fun!

        I will get around to the writeup it's just been hectic prepping her for the race!


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          That looks like brilliant fun!!