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Project: Lemon. 2004 VW Bettle. Engine Replacement, Mods, Computer Coding.

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  • Project: Lemon. 2004 VW Bettle. Engine Replacement, Mods, Computer Coding.

    Hey Guys,

    Meet Project : Lemon. Lovingly named because it's round, yellow and I have this loose plan of eventually building a 24hrs of Lemons racer out of it. Picked up for dirt cheap with an engine that was rod-knocking.

    Picked up a 2nd hand engine,cheap, pulled the cylinder head off and had it rebuilt. Unbolted one engine, bolted on the other and left a few "unnecessary" extra things off in the meantime.

    One of my hobbies is tuning fuel injection systems, mind you I'm a gearhead not a computer coder. My enjoyment is making engines run better and not the process of coding. With no previous experience with VW's and their operating systems I started digging on what tools, cables, softwares and literature was out there. Luckily, this engine management (ME7.5) happens to be one of the most supported and documented tuning platforms of any vehicle I've ever tuned before. Granted this specific ECM's code layout (06A906032PS) didn't have supporting tuning software interface files, there are enough variants of the same code out there that did have interface files that I could copy/pasta the tables from one .bin and find that same table at a different hexaddress in my .bin and modify the table address in my own .xdf to make the changes.

    First things first, remember those "unnecessary" extra bits I intentionally forgot to transfer over to the replacement engine? Yeah, they would need some coding to disable in the computer. Officially known as N80 EVAP solenoid, N249 Diverter valve solenoid, N112 Secondary Air Injection Combi Valve, Downstream O2 and PCV was modified with an oil catch can. As well as my little home made K&N intake.

    Amazingly everyone one of those mods can be disabled by modifying 3 of a 7 byte string in the code, almost as if they knew we were gonna do it. Known as ESKONF, which is a acronym in German that I'm not even gonna try.

    Ran the modified .bin through a checksum updater and flashed it back to the vehicle. All back together, running and making some StuStuStuStu noises:

    It's not 100% yet. I have a few oil leaks to address and other little things that are just wore out. It'll be a little cruiser for a while, ultimately I'm planning on removing the softtop and mechanicals. Gutting the door glass. Chopping the windshield in half. Making a cage. Dress it up and get it ready for the 24hrs of Lemons.

    Thanks for checking out my little project. -Mykk

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    Very cool! Always had a soft spot for the New Beetle, almost bought one a few years ago but unfortunately the boot was way too small for what I needed at the time…


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      As an engines guy the turbo 5v head 4cyl is actually really cool. The over engineering is not so cool, the bubbly wrapper is growing on me.