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Toyota V12 in 99 Liberty.

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    *Twitch* *Twitch* *Feints at the epicness*
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      Got the 190E going on friday also. It's running a PS2000 and they had to write some custom firmware for it.


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        I am seriously considering this conversion.

        Whats the dry weight for one of these puppy?
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        Originally posted by jmacman12
        Some say that his skin glows in the dark, because it's been vinyl wrapped and that his hands adhere to anything. All we know is that he's called the sticker stig!


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          What do you want to put it in? They weigh about 200kg.


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            Owner went to willowbank and managed 11.6 @ 120mph. 1.7 60'.


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              Shit thats fast... Thats GTR fast... Nice.
              Regards - Samantha XOXO
              2001 VX Commodore

              Originally posted by brian_rs/ss
              modded auto's are the tits. but i still love playing with my stick.


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                Bloody awesome! Well done


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                  That is INSANE!! Stellar job.


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                    this was on my list for possible motor conversions for the mini-truck im going to build.
                    IN the N/A form. somewhere towards the bottom...

                    Safe to say they have all now been crossed off and replaced with 1 number and 6 letters.

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                      Originally posted by kiks
                      1.7 sec 60'

                      Best of 4 runs, it has more potential as is, tyres on it were junk. But I'm darn happy. Vids to come.

                      E85 and MT radials will get me a 10
                      this is from the owner, he took it to willowbank drags last night

                      and here's a video
                      My MCM build thread

                      Originally posted by MrCelica
                      it's not the P plates that give me the bad name. It's usually me exposeing my private parts to traffic
                      Originally posted by MOOG
                      I think I'd get a Commodore. Can't believe I just said that