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Dala's Nissan NX2000

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  • Dala's Nissan NX2000

    Hiyall! Just joined this amazing forum, and thought I'd post my build thread here

    EDIT(for rake's build thread approval):

    This thread is gonna be about the transition from neglected stock NX to Track King! The car is NOT daily driven (altough it was in the beginning of these first posts), and it's going to get properly restored, headlight conversion, new paint (whole car!) and an SR20 engine rebuild/VE swap.

    ETA Completion: Summer 2014, This car will be driven from Finland to the UK, to attend the 100NX summer meet.

    Major Milestones:
    -Bought Achieved!
    -Taken off road Achieved!
    -Devil eyes conversion Achieved!
    -Rust proofed entire carAchieved!
    -Painted with new color In progress
    -SR20VE swapped Ordered!
    -Completed Coming 2014

    Some background info:
    I'm from Finland, and my previous Nissan was a NX1600. Here's some pictures of it:

    Some highlights on this NX is Golf MK3 headlights, slightly tuned GA16DE (110hp'ish), and a custom red paintjob. It's one clean Nissan!

    After owning this NX for 2 years, I got a craving, a SR20 craving! An old NX2000 was purchased, and boy, they are rare here in Finland. Only 390 NX'es were imported during 1991-1995, and only 40 carried the SR20!

    I'm now the lucky owner of one of these rarities, but it ain't pretty. This thread will contain huge amount of pictures, and it is slow progress the first 6 pages, but I guarantee you, It will be worth the time!

    These are the salespictures

    After inspection, all the bad stuff i've found:

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    Started working on fixing it up last month, here are progress pictures

    Wiper rust 100% removed, filler & primer applied.

    More rust found... And the gas struts are worn out..

    Rear struts (common fault on NX's) will be inspected more closely later on

    And some more !&#% rust

    Rear windscreen rust getting sorted (takes forever to get all rust to perish)

    Removed the right skirt. SHOCK AND HORROR!


    Tiny hole, will need some welding

    Another angle

    The largest dents on the car

    After washing up the skirt


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      Started spraying:

      Started installing rare extras

      Missed fog's and dimmer in my previous NX

      Working on the rustspots under the skirts... Sanded every cancer spot and applied some rostex

      Hoping to keep this car for a while..

      Took out the seats, spotted some white nasty stains :S

      Scored a clean shiftknob from my N14

      Nasty! xS

      Took out the rear interior, expected worse!

      Rusty speaker mount, and alot of mud behind the panels. I have a small hole in the wheelwell there that needs fixing. Also, found a VANILLA WUNDERBAUM hidden inside the panel. A contributing factor to the funky smell...

      All in a few hours work, took the mat out next..


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        Started to refurb some fabric, here's a basic rundown on what i'm gonna do with everything that's furry

        Nasty start, this panel had a tear.

        Fixed it with some 2-component glue

        Brough the big guns, an electric fabric trimmer!

        After a few minutes of trimming and cleaning


        Good as new

        Snatched a new N14 steering wheel from the spare-parts pile

        New vs. old. That difference!

        Human slime at it's finest


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          I never knew those nx2000's could look that nice, great work!
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            Nice! That's a very rare NX indeed, didn't know some of them were equipped with the mighty SR20 engine!

            Looks like the car is in good hands now, good luck with the project!

            Oh, and BTW, that NX1600 looks awesome!
            in all honesty dude these cars are shit but they have so much character, are fun and go fairly well when running right. we still play around with these things because they are a fun addictive little shitbox! - Ash @ N12turbo forums


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              aww nice stuff, i like it!
              you would die if you saw the amount of rust my car has.


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                Thanks guys, I really miss my old NX1600, just because it was so damn clean! Back to the project:

                Today I did a tune-up, changed the oil and filter, and installed a new airfilter. Noticed a leaky powersteering hose :/, so I'll have to adress that later.

                Started cutting away rotten metal now, will have it welded tomorrow. Prepare for a picture-fiesta!


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                  Wow the NX2000's are really rare in your part of the world, hope you look after it, but it already looks like you are Good luck with the restoration

                  How did you fix the rust around the rear wiper arm? Remove arm, then dremel out rust, use metal filler, prime, paint?

                  EDIT: At first glance, I thought the steering wheel cover in the 3rd or 4th pic in the first post had been stickerbombed haha.
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                    This is gobna be hella interesring. Mwhat're your cosmetic plans for it? Body kit?
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                      Thanks, the wiper rust is indeed dremeled, filled, primed and now painted

                      As far as bodykit goes, i'm reinstalling the original bodykit (only SR20 equipped NX'es have them here)

                      I'm now waiting for my GF's camera, so I can get some more pictures of todays work. Here are some random progress pictures

                      The car is getting rattle-canned, but i'm doing it as good as i can, It can look nice if rattle-canned properly. Will paint the whole car another year when i have more money, just need it presentable for now

                      The front is shaping up. Color-coded trim pieces ftw!

                      Starting with the rear end...

                      Progress is made

                      Front looks happier Still need new fog glass and lots of wax


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                        Car is now properly welded, my poor N14 had to donate some "skin"

                        Sorry for not having any work in progress pictures, but rustcutting and welding is kinda boring. Here's the completed sill, 100% rust free! just need some more body filler and paint, and it's perfect

                        Had to throw on the skirts and get it tested. Guess what? IT IS NOW ROAD LEGAL! I CAN DRIVE IT ANYTIME! Woo!

                        It's so rough, but so fun to drive. Coming from a 1.6L to a SR20DE is just insane.. Will paint more stuff when and continue polishing it up when i get more free time..


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                          Today i decided to install some speakers (this being my daily driver and all)

                          Bough a pair of 6½ mids, and found out they don't fit at all. Decided to make them fit.

                          Started cutting some plastic.

                          After I had removed all the plastic, I tried to fit them again. Turns out you need to hammer back some metal aswell. After that, they fit snugly. Only one of mounting screw lined up. Luckily, the were so snug that one screw was enough. Wee!

                          Everything fitted. You can't even tell the plastic has been violenty gutted! Superb! (sorry bout the muddy interior, it's spring now..)

                          They sound great btw! Just need to source a good bass now


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                            Yeah, so today I discovered something awful. Decided to pop the valvecover to replace the leaking gasket, and was greeted with the sludgiest Nissan engine I've ever seen.

                            Cams are scratched Fingernails catches imperfections

                            So, what would you do? I'm gonna go to Nissan and buy some new camoilers (the metal pipe over the cams), and I'm gonna run some oil flushing solutions to make sure that vital oil passages aren't clogging up.

                            On the bright side, no more valvecover leaks...


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                              Looks so awesome. I am so in love with nx coupes. How did fit those headlights? Here in Australia we never got the 1.6. All nx coupes came with the sr20. Bit we didn't get heated seats or that awesome wing like u have
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