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    Just bought a 360 and Forza 4. Hope you like the desky guys
    Originally posted by Squirt
    There's so many innuendos to be had when it comes to vehicles.
    My doctor told me today that I should start killing people..well maybe not in those exact words..he just said I had to reduce the stress in my life...

    Same thing.


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      I have a living room set up.
      My custom pc is in an Antec Fusion remote max case that matches my Samsung 7.1 receiver, which has Polk Audio speakers connected to it.
      I built it with the following components:
      Asus Sabertooth X79 Motherboard
      Intel i7 3820 CPU
      Samsung 840 PRO 128GB SSD hard drive. (boot)
      Western Digital Caviar Black series hard drive (data) 500GB
      16GB G.Skill 2133mhz memory.
      EVGA NVIDIA Geforce 550TI FPB edition video card
      650 watt Antec 80+ modular gaming PSU

      All are hooked up to my 40" Samsung TV with a good refresh rate, and or a tritton gaming surround sound headset.
      My wife and I move into our new to us house at the end of August. I'm shopping around for a gaming quality 1080p Projector for 100" goodness.
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        Just bought this from a chap who imports them from Japan. JDM arcade machine . The voltage runs off 100V as opposed to the 230V standard here in the UK. The coin mech is set to 100Yen. I have some arcade games I play in it, but I've also installed some interfacing to enable the PS3 to work on it for some Street Fighter 4 action. 28" screen that's in great condition for it's age, almost no burn in. I've modified the speakers and sound amp for more oomph. Fitted all new sticks and buttons and generally speaking for a 20 year old machine that's seen many years of service in Japanese arcades and then been shipped to the UK, it's in great condition.

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          I made a little change to my set up.

          Next up a new GPU.


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            its not much and more made for music or movies but i can hook up my laptop to it and to some "gaming"

            well ive got:
            -panasonic tv
            -2 amplifiers for sound, 1 tuned for bass (150w) the other for higher stuff(85w)
            -if you didnt see yet the couch is from a VW beetle
            -next to either side of that are 2 150w sony speakers
            -and on the right is a mixer to control sound without getting of the couch

            all amps, tuner, record player,subs, dvd etc. are hidden in the cabinet under the tv
            im more than happy to help you with questions about nearly all volkswagens
            So what do you want to do, lift it up and throw it in the ditch?
            HI THERE!! : )
            1973 VW beetle 1300 under a cover collecting dust
            1999 VW new beetle 2.0, so its basically a MK4 gti


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              a few pics of my little beast, excuse the mess...

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                Originally posted by M.T.Robot View Post
                a few pics of my little beast, excuse the mess...

                holy thats like the Drift car of Gaming computers!
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