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PC Gamers?

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  • PC Gamers?

    Are there any PC gamers here? I like consoles but PC is my favorite so far. I play Planetside 2, Mass Effect 3, and Battlefront 2 the most.

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    Right here. Don't have those games though.
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    Same thing.


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      I'm a PC gamer.
      MMOs: WoW, Guild Wars2 and older games like Alan Wake and Far Cry 3 are my current interests. (I don't play games when they are first released, I wait for them to be on special on Steam before buying.)

      I also have a PS3 but cannot get my head around using a dual shock controller so it is only used as a PVR and bluray player.



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        Pc gamer here.
        Mainly play racing games, a few fps's(farcry 3 has been a fav recently) and play company of heroes(real time strategy)
        As i type this im waiting for steam to install company of heroes 2 which came out a few days ago
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          PC gamer here too, currently playing wow, bf3, far cry 3 and GTA IV.

          I was also playing f-1 2012 from codemasters but I lost the loving feeling after Monaco :P

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            PC is King for gaming. Blops 2 online with my clan (older gamers) as love the social side with ts, and currently trying to get through the last of torchlight 2 (pretty bored with it but paid for it and sunk 10 or do hours into it so going to see the end), and flirt with frequent death with dayz now and again.

            Really looking forward to BF4 later this year :thumbup:

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              Yup, PC Gamer as well though I do play some Coop games with a buddy on Xbox. gf has a PS3 but I dont use it much besides Netflix. Currently playing Mass Effect 3, Borderlands 2 and Guild Wars 2.


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                Sup, I'm a PC gamer- I tend to play BF3, CoD black ops II, WoW, GW2, FIFA 13, Borderlands 2 and many more.


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                    PC gamer here. Skyrim has got to be one of my favorites. The graphics on PC compaired to console are just sooooo much better, especially if you have a built up gaming rig like I do
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                      I'm a PC gamer, but I mostly like the OLD stuff. I do play me some Skyrim, but I love games like the Might and Magic series (and Heroes of Might and Magic 1-3 as well of course), the old FPS from DOOM, Duke3D, Quake, etc.. Minecraft is a lot of fun, too. I can spend hours on MC (sucks to not have a server to play on, though).

                      My favourite title of all time remains to be Stunts! aka 4D Sports Driving. I could explain it, but look for some gameplay videos on youtube. You'll immediately see why days of my young life have been spent playing that game.


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                        Originally posted by Sgt.PinkiePie View Post
                        I tend to jump between games quite a bit so lately I've been playing:
                        Borderlands 2
                        The Walking Dead
                        Tomb Raider
                        Alice: Madness Returns
                        Saints Row 3
                        Bioshock Infinite
                        Minecraft (Mostly the sky blocks challenge map)
                        I keep meaning to play more GW2 as well but I never seem to find the time.


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                          Originally posted by Switch View Post
                          Are there any PC gamers here? I like consoles but PC is my favorite so far. I play Planetside 2, Mass Effect 3, and Battlefront 2 the most.
                          Big Planetside 2 player here as well. I play on Briggs. Looking forward to Gu12?



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                            PC Gamer here too - only for the racing sims though. iRacing, Live For Speed, City Car Driving (not really a sim but meh), NetKar Pro, and a few others.
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                              PC ALL THE WAY been playin alot of battlefield 3, Counter strike Source, Arma 3 also abit of Mass Effect 3 Eager for the new C&C. I also have a few games on steam like borderlands 1 & 2, CoD.