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Papers, Please

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  • Papers, Please

    So first off has anyone played it? or have you even heard of it?

    After 4 1/2hrs of play time, I finished it with a smile on my face. Its not a long game, as you can tell, nor is it a fancy looking game, the graphics are quite old school (maybe thats why I like it), and its not the most action packed game... But the story is what I loved the most. Its basically about a guy that lives in a war torn fictional country (surrounded by more fictional places) who is picked for duty in a customs booth. You have to check details and make sure they all add up (you have a rules book to check info against) as well as interrogate people if they seem suspicious.

    Its a game I think everyone should try. Its also at a very good price $9.99us, in some ways I think it should be worth more (but thats just me).

    Either way, if you've played it let us know what you thought about it.. If not.. would it be a game you would play? If you like the looks of it, please support the developer

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