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List of awesome GTA IV PC mods!

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  • List of awesome GTA IV PC mods!

    I have constructed a list of the car modifications that you're most likely to see in real life, based on the cost and the orentation of the car, (poor, rich, advertised, private seller etc)

    (!) To open any car modifications, you will need the latest SparkIV.

    1) Mitsubishi Evolution X 2010

    This is advertised all over television and isn't that expensive, replaces the Feroci in game.

    2) Volkswagen Touareg R50 2010

    A very HQ modification, one of the best and only released last week, replaces the Habanero.

    3) Subaru Impreza WRX STi Hatchback 2008

    A very awesome car to say the least, very affordable and stylish, replaces the Sultan.

    4) Mazda 6 Sport Edition 2009

    Everyone loves Mazda, now you can have this too, very HQ, replaces ze Intruder.

    5) 2003 Ford Crown Victoria

    A nice civilian car to cruise around it, very stylish and modern, replaces the Admirial.

    6) Ford Falcon XR-8

    A good Australian car, good to see it in a modification format, replaces the Lokus.

    7) Holden Monaro CV8-R

    Another Australian car, released not long ago but is amazing, also replaces the Lokus.

    8) 2008 Honda Accord SA-T

    Good model, the pic's look scrappy but tried and tested, it's a good car, replaces the Vincent.

    9) Volkswagen Passat B5

    A very classy car, very HQ and definantley worth it, replaces the Schafter.

    10) Volkswagen Golf R32 2001

    Another classy automobile, very small and compact but very awesome, replaces the Blista.
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