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  • SimRaceWay

    Does anyone from here play SimRaceWay?

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    i was thinking about it. is it any good?
    Originally posted by tekkentool
    like this post? herpa derpa durr etc.


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      I have read a lot about it, and it seems good, but I don't have the time or the proper rig to be good at it. Forza4 is all I have time for

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        hey guys! ive been playing sim-raceway for probably over around 2-3 weeks now, and its great fun, with one problem- the community is pretty empty in aussie time (around midday is 40people :\)
        so this is a shoutout to give it a go!

        1-simraceway is pretty easy to run, i was playing simraceway WITHOUT a graphics card for a good amount of time without much trouble at all, its very easy to run. so "propper rig" isnt that hard to have :P
        2-for controllers, its a pretty flexible game, you can use mouse steering or keyboard steering, with keyboard throttle,brake clutch ect, OR you can plug in a xbox controller (for you forza people), not sure about ps3 controllers however.
        3-its great if you have a wheel, i recently got a g27 and im absolutely hooked on it! make sure to follow the setup guide for you wheel, eg logitech wheel setup guide
        4-part of the controller set up, is simraceway developed their own ffb system that elimates the deadzone found on logitech ffb wheels, and gives a great feel for the wheel.
        5-yes, its free to play, and yes you can purchase cars with real money, but that doesnt mean that you HAVE TO buy the cars with real money, you earn credits from doing races, and you can buy cars with these credits. on average i receive 20 or so credits a race (around 5-10mins) and cars can be purchased from as low as 60 credits (go cart) to 200 credit mr2, to 400 credit supra, to 800 credit audi.
        6- give it a go! sign up on their website - its pretty easy (if you have trouble with your birthday, just play around with it until it works) download the client, and get racing!

        playlist of videos i've uploaded from simraceway -
        the newer videos have better volume management, and im much better driver in new ones :P

        i have also created a team for australian racers, if you're aussie and in simraceway, please do join the straya crew!
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        Originally posted by Jenga
        I'll be quite confident that it'll flog the p*ss out of a lot of cars. This thought gives me happy feelings in my pants.

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