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    currently running as a graphic design, rendering rig and gaming rig, due for an upgrade soon however:

    X99 sabertooth motherboard
    I7 5930K 6core at 3.4ghz currently
    16GB DDR4 @ 2400mhz
    Gigabyte GTX1080 Waterforce edition
    15TB mech drive space
    250GB M.2 SSD for OS and required software, nothing else goes on this drive
    Triple BenQ 144hz gaming monitors, because, why not
    Coolermaster 240M nepton AIO

    currently building a custom desk with a glass window to put all my PC parts inside and custom watercooling loops with it since i am trying to save space in this room currently since it isnt super big, the case im using is all too big for me now and will be re-purposed into a 15TB RAID6 array


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      I just finished this 2 weeks ago. Dedicated simracing pc!

      Case: Coolermaster Masterbox Lite 3
      PSU: Coolermaster 400W powersupply
      M/B: Asrock H81M-DGS R2.0
      CPU: Core i5 4670k (might switch it with the 4670 in my daily and overclock that)
      RAM: 2x8GB Corsair DDR3
      GPU: EVGA GTX950 2GB Superclocked
      SSD: 120GB, forgot the brand

      Got it second hand for 380 euro's, I still had the GTX950 on the shelf, cleaned up the cables, and installed Windows 7 on it. Runs great.

      The motherboard doesn't have a connector for the USB3.0 ports on the front, so I ordered a PCI-e x1 expansion card for that. And it the case and cpu fan are loud and rattling, so might change those out.

      And this is what it's powering

      Playseat Evolution Alcantara
      Thrustmaster T300RS wheel
      Thrustmaster T3PA-Pro pedals with loadcell brake mod
      Thrustmaster TH8RS shifter
      Playseat shiftermount
      24" 1080p Iyama screen (traded it at work for my old smartphone )
      Philips 2.1 speakerset, but I usually use headphones with mic
      Foldable camping table.

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        Hi !

        So I just did some stuff to the PC that makes it worth looking at (finally), not the most powerful, but it's my old budget gaming PC that has been modified with some better stuff as years goes by.

        Here's the last iteration :
        proco : i5-3570k (4x3.4 GHz from factory, right now overclocked at 4x4,3 GHz, but still upping it to find the temperature sweetspot)
        Ram : 2x8Gb (Corsair DDR3)
        Graphic card(s?) : Right now, 2x Radeon r9 280, you can see a crossfire cable on the picture, but it needs 2 :/ It's on it's way though, last thing needed right now
        Hard drives : Don't wanna talk about it, I need a SSD ... (right now, only a 1TB Hard drive)
        And of course, the main recent change, the watercooling : Enermax Liqfusion 240, still running the standard kit without a reservoir, but will change a little bit when I decide to invest into a real graphic card (something not as old as mines ^^)

        Of course, the inside :

        Recently rebuild it (to get the watercooling mounted) so I also arranged the cables, not the prettiest perfect cabling, but nothing is in the way ^^

        Hope you like it !
        My car : MG TF (2003)


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          Looks good! Nice cable management aswell, given the case you have to work with. I'd change to a case with black interior and see if you can get a solid Crossfire bridge, those flexible ones just don't do it for me.


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            Yeah, the case is a haf 922, so there is quite some space, that's good (but I ordered a new one 2 days ago ^^ fractal design)
            The crossfire bridge doesn't bother me that much, in fact it's quite recent, I needed a little graphic boost, and the same card as my old one was like 60 bucks, and I had a crossfire cable laying around, so ... yeah ...

            But I'm currently upgrading everything, including the graphic card (waiting a bit to see if rumors about a new nvidia series are true) so it will change quite a bit ^^
            My car : MG TF (2003)


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              I received my new case (quite some time ago, Fractal design define r6), went ahead and bought pretty much everything I need to fully build a custom watercooled gpu system (going to modify these ones), expandable later obviously.

              I'm going to try to fully make a hybrid mod for the graphics cards qith a new fan/waterblock system.
              I hope it will work ^^
              My car : MG TF (2003)


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                No pics of my Rig yet but i'll probably take some and post them up later on. Anyway below are the specs of my rig:

                Case: Cooler Master Mastercase Pro 5
                Motherboard: ASRock Z77 Extreme 9
                CPU: Intel Core i7 3770
                RAM: 16GB (2x8GB)Corsair Dominator Platinum @1666Mhz
                Graphic: Asus Strix GTX 1080
                Asus GTX 1050Ti(PhysX/Spare)
                PSU: Cooler Master V850 80+Gold Fully Modular
                Cooling: Cooler Master Seidon 240P AIO mounted on top of case
                Fans: Corsair LL140mm x3(x2 Front, x1 Rear),
                Corsair LL120mm x2(x2 mounted on AIO)
                Storage: LiteOn 256GB SSD(soon to be replaced by Samsung 860 EVO 500GB)
                Western Digital Blue 2TB HDD
                Western Digital Blue 4TB HDD
                Western Digital Green 1.5TB HDD
                Seagate Pipeline 500GB HDD
                LiteOn Blue Ray Combo Drive
                Keyboard: Logitech G19s
                Mouse: Logitech G403
                Headset: Logitech G633 Artemis Spectrum
                Monitor: Benq E2420HD 24" screen

                Ive been working on this PC for quite a few years upgrading it as i went, i really want to upgrade the Mobo, CPU and RAM but just cant justify getting rid of perfectly good parts while they are still working great for what i use my PC for.


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                  I had the old rig posted somewhere in the previous thread but this is my build from 2016.
                  It's gone through a few updates through the 2 years, this is the current state:

                  Case: Fractal Design Define R5 Blackout
                  PSU: Cooler Master V 80+ Gold
                  SSD: 512GB Intel 600p M.2 PCIe w/ EK-M.2 Heatsink
                  HDD: 3TB Seagate Barracuda + 500GB Seagate 2.5"
                  Mobo: ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming/AURA
                  CPU: Intel i7-6700K @4.6GHz
                  CPU cooler: EK-KIT P280 + drain valve
                  RAM: 16GB G.Skill Trident Z DDR4-3333 CL15
                  GPU: ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1080 AMP! Extreme
                  Monitor: BenQ E2200HD
                  Keyboard: Corsair Vengeance K70
                  Mouse: Corsair Vengeance M65
                  Sound card/audio interface: M-Audio M-Track Hub
                  Speakers: Adam Audio T7V w/ Millenium desk stands
                  Headphones: Audio-Technica ATH-A900X

                  Main updates were the cooling system and the 1080 I had to wait 3 months for (first one also had to be DOA) while running on an HD6990.
                  Used the old Corsair H50 for a month before a Fractal Kelvin S36 arrived, used it for less than a month and it already had air in the loop... Which is where the open loop comes in, originally I was gonna buy everything separately but the EK-KIT saved a lot of money, in exchange for not having purple fittings. I just added in a drain valve and had to create a custom HDD mount as the case wasn't that spacious after all.

                  Recently finished upgrading the audio stuff too, for now, so future plans are most likely an ultrawide monitor and further on some kind of a storage solution.
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                    My 5 year old H110 died, got air in the system some how, tried refilling it and getting the air out but didn't work, eventually ended up stripping the heads on 2 tiny screws and ordered an NZXT X62 yesterday. Only downside is the tubes are a bit to long. I can set both the NZXT logo and the halo LED's to any colour or pattern I want but white will do for now

                    Same specs as before

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                      Latest addition: GTX970 backplate, didn't even know you could get these as separate parts! Looks great!

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                        No customer build this time. Well almost, I ordered parts for 2 pc's, one for me, one for my parents.

                        My current pc is due for replacement. Something I've always done is upgrade my computer piece by piece, I've done this for 15 years like this. But now I've decided I'm gonna do a completely new build. The only thing I'm transfering over is my 2TB SSD I use for bulkstorage.

                        New pc will have a i7-9700K, 16GB RAM, 1TB + 2TB SSD, MSI RTX2070, Corsair Crystal 280x case.

                        My parents are getting a i5-9600KF, 8GB RAM, 500GB SSD, MSI GTX1050, and a Coolermaster Elite 130 ITX case.


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                          And mine is finished

                          Case: Corsair Crystal 280X RGB
                          Power: Corsair RM650
                          M/B: MSI Z390M Mortar (uATX)
                          CPU: Intel Core i7-9700K
                          RAM: Corsair Vengeance RGB 2x8GB DDR4-2666
                          GPU: MSI RTX2070 Super Gaming X
                          W/C: Corsair Hydro H100i RGB Platinum

                          1x Samsung 970 EVO 1TB (Nvme M2 card)
                          1x Samsung 850 EVO 2TB (for bulkstorage, came out of my old pc)


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                            If anyone has been wondering why my MG is still broken, I used all my money ... please BEHOLD


                            I got pretty much all the rest, but the waterblocks will arrive in some days, I'll update when finished !
                            My car : MG TF (2003)


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                              Nice, you building a custom waterloop to? I really love my EVO Nvme drive, pc boots super fast. What are the specs? I can't tell on the picture really

                              What case are you putting that in to?

                              By the way, my nephew wants me to build a new pc for him, so another € 2000,- build is going to come soon.

                              I build this for him in 2013

                              Coolermaster Elite 431
                              Asrock Z77 Extreme3
                              Core i5-3330
                              8GB DDR3-1333
                              MSI GTX660 (later upgraded to GTX960)
                              Seagate 500GB drive (added a 250GB Samsung SSD later)
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                                Yeah, still watercooled, still custom made, hard tubing, 1x420mm*30mm radiator on top of the case, 1x280mm*45mm on the front, case Fractal design Define r6.
                                There is a i7 9700k (but there might be an issue with a needed bios update, my cpu doesn't seem to be recognized ... I need to send the motherboard/cpu back for testing)
                                32Go of RAM, asus 5700xt (will have a waterblock, that's why it's a crappy blower version for now)
                                The case is in a setup with few hard drive location (can switch from 12*3.5" bay to only two, but more space for watercooling stuff) so for space : 1*250Go in nvme, 1*250 Go in SSD (probably a raid 1 for the OS, just in case), 2To in a SSHD, then with the two 3.5" bay left, there will be a 8To good old HDD that turn at like 4rpm and when the time come, I'll still have an other bay left to add another 8To to make a raid 0 or something (when the other 8To will be cheaper)

                                Nothing much more, I hope there will be a solution to my CPU issue ... couldn't get the mobo to boot to the bios on my part, hope the support will be able to launch it with an older cpu ...
                                My car : MG TF (2003)