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    After a BIOS update from the support => here he is !

    Hope you like it, it was a pain to fit all the rads in the case ^^" and it drinks so much coolant
    My car : MG TF (2003)


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      1440p 120hz 17.3" display
      8086K Delidded with custom IHS and liquid metal on both die to IHS and IHS to heatsink at 5Ghz
      GTX 1080 SLI @2000Mhz core clocks liquid metal to vapor chamber heatsink, customised thermal pads adjusted for fit.
      16GB 3000Mhz DDR4
      1TB SM961 NVMe SSD

      Then I have my own custom notebook stand with fan control and RGB adjustable lighting.


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        That's a pretty serious notebook!


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          It sure is, forgot to say it's running custom unlocked firmware and I've shunt modded the GPUs.

          It uses 2x 330W power bricks working together.


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            So the RGB fan-hub failed on my Corsair 280X case. It has an RGB hub that can connect up to 6 fans and it failed for 3 out of 4 fans. So I contacted Corsair for warranty, they wanted some more details and meanwhile my computer was in bits from troubleshooting. I tried disconnecting one of the fans from the hub and destroyed the plug on the fan. I admitted that to Corsair but meanwhile my computer was still in bits so I just went ahead and ordered a new hub and a new fan, mounted it all and this way I confirmed the old hub was faulty.

            And now Corsair is sending me a new hub AND a new fan. So probs to Corsair!
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              Hello Here is my rig

              PC: ROG Strix g16
              Ram: 16 gb
              Storage: 512 m.2 ssd

              More Stuff

              Keyboard: OMEN Sequencer
              Mouse: Kmart $10 gaming mouse
              monitor: ROG XG32VC 31in 4k monitor
              mic: yeti Mic