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My Summer Car, you'd like it

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  • My Summer Car, you'd like it

    It's 1995 and you're in rural Finland, you can drink and there's nothing around for miles. what do you do? you rebuild a Datsun 100A to win 1st place in the local rally. all while getting drunk and eating sausages. I've gotten mine rego'd but i forgot to tighten the camshaft bearings and the water pump went. So like all other auto projects I have to do in real life, i'm putting it off until i can be bothered.

    It's been described to have near autistic levels of detail when it comes to the engine and it's a ****ton of fun. you should give it a shot


    Also I'm just a big fan of the game and this is not a plug

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    I don't like the game, I love it! Best game I bought since Euro Truck 2 I guess. I have the car fully build, caged and rally ready, just haven't won the rally yet.


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      This game works with my tobii eye tracker too. I might have to give it a shot.