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  • Gaming chairs

    Hi all, what gaming chairs are you using and which ones would you recommend?

    We’re moving house in the new year and I’m looking to replace my crappy office chair with something much better…

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    Hello, I'm using this very comfortable GTR Air 6 which I highly recommend.


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      Thank you! Will have a look at that one for sure. Having worked from home for over ten years now I think it’s high time to find a proper chair that I can sit in all day without screwing up my posture too much, so will need to spend some time evaluating a few options.


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        No gaming chair, I ****ing love the chair I have at work so it took some time but I managed to find a identical refurbished one for 1/3 the price, they are 650 euro's new. It's a Sedus NW100
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          Thanks! The more I look into it the more I think a good office chair is the way to go after all. Many gaming chairs seem to just the same chair rebranded.


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            I'm console player so no gaming chair. I just lay on the sofa.
            If I play dirt rally 2 or something like that I have actual Sparco bucket seat with wheel.
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