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APEX Point - Neat game

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  • APEX Point - Neat game

    2023-03-25 22-42-47.png 2023-03-25 22-44-21.png​Made a Kei Truck, Similar to Marty's but older in it. SP100P Daihatsu HiJet.

    Games still in Alpha, has quite a few janky bits. But its still fun even so. Kinda Car Sim Mechanic with less nut and bolt twisting and more driving. 7 sec AWD EG6 is my next Build... or maybe an LA2 Mazda Luce...

    Ended up creating a panel less, dash less, windowless 800kg 2JZ 2.1Bar Turbo Swapped AE86 Drag monster for cash battles. 2.8sec 0-100 14.8sec 1/2 Mile machine.... Yea.. I had fun.
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    That looks very fun! I would love to check it out one day.