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MCM MAAAD Easter Monday Mini Meet Brisbane

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  • MCM MAAAD Easter Monday Mini Meet Brisbane

    The MCM Brisbane tribe are going to have a Mini-Meet on Easter Monday. Will be happening 7pm on the roof top car park of Sunnybank Plaza. It's right above the Cinema and food court.

    The best way to get there is if you're travelling on McCullough St (towards Beaudesert Rd direction), you turn right at the lights into Canna St, with the Maccas on the corner .
    If you go to the end of Canna st you're basically right in the middle of Sunnybank Plaza. There's a roundabout at the end of Canna st, make a right turn there and another quick right turn as you exit the roundabout , head up the ramp. come up to the top level carpark and we'll be there.
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    Originally posted by The Euromy
    That probably explains it, I still want to see some juggling though.
    Originally posted by MadeinJapan
    I'll go you one better, I want to see Tooza juggle Marty and Moog.

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