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Will Marty and Moog ever come to england?

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  • Will Marty and Moog ever come to england?

    Just wondering if you will ever be doing an epp or visiting England

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    Please tell me you're joking...

    There's one on in a few weeks, look at the second post on this page:
    Now drives a girl's car
    Originally posted by ThePossum
    Furious masturbation, the cure to all life's problems, passes time nicely too.
    Originally posted by Squirt
    And BIGZED, phwoar. He is 1 cheeky kunt m8. I could easy wrek him 1v1.
    Originally posted by LikeABoss
    Welcome to the bogan side, heres your complimentary can of VB, a kick to mouth to remove most of your teeth and a makita angle grinder for that extra low.