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Canberra meets/cruises

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  • Canberra meets/cruises

    Sooo guys been awhile, we've had a few cruises since last one i advertised. Reason i dont advertise them here anymore is had couple idiots rock up rocking the mcm sticker last time and weve got a zero tolerance for idiots so i stopped advertising here.

    But i figured to those who are interested, chuck me a inbox on here and ill either give you the info or chuck me your facebook name and ill add you to the group we've got going so you can stay in the loop.

    If mods feel this isnt right place for me to say this delete lock move etc whatever just putting it out there for those still interested in our cruises

    Cheer guys!

    Disclaimer: anything I say in social thread may be false information, any comments believed show signs of your astounding intelligence.

    Organizer for MCM/Rexnet/OzFoz/AMC/JC Cruises & Meet Ups in the Canberra region :3