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MAProving grounds 2013 #2 invite to all forumers

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  • MAProving grounds 2013 #2 invite to all forumers

    for official event info please vist

    This is an event that goes down twice a year. Modern Automotive Performance's Proving Grounds. What is MAPPG2k13.2? It is what the name implies, a place to stand your ground, and prove that the modern vehicle you have spent all your time and money building is all that you say it is! This event is 3 days long and runs September 6th-8th, and camping is encouraged and the night life is something else, often then reason many people go. Over the weekend many events take place. There is drifting, road racing/ auto cross, drag racing, burnout/ hooning, and eveything else you can imagine car guys doing. This event takes place in northern Minnesota, at Brainerd International Raceway. I would just like to formally invite any people in, around, or willing to drive to Minnesota for this huge event! If anyone so chooses to come up for this, we could do some sort of MCM meet up. Otherwise just telling you guys what a great event this really is! At the first one this year, thousands and thousands of cars showed up and had a great time. Many WRX's, EVO's, a couple NSX's and Lamborghinis, Supras, all really tasteful built machines go to this. I invite anyone to come, and have a great time!
    Any questions feel free to contact me!

    just a samle from earlier this year.