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Central B.C car show (Canada)

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  • Central B.C car show (Canada)

    If you don't know about the western Canada car scene here is the 101:

    -In the green zones the car modding scene is pretty active.
    -In the yellow zone the car scene is dead and pickup trucks are a religion.
    -In the blue zone there are rough mountain roads with snow for half the year(nice cars get destroyed by the roads and RWD cars get stuck or crash)
    -In the brown zone there is loads of oil money, so you get nice cars(that get destroyed but the owners are loaded) and $100k + pickup trucks.
    -The red zone is where the event is. (Desert)
    -In the blue/yellow/brown zones cars cost twice as much as they do in the green zones.

    I have driven from the Atlantic -> mid Alberta, and from america -> the top of B.C (into the Yukon) and I have driven around B.C A LOT.

    BC RWD is probably the best car modding forum in B.C (based around Vancouver area), and its described by a popular member as: "95% of Bcrwd=surfer ***gots and ciricle track wanna be drifters"

    So tomorrow im going to a car show in Kamloops and I will take some good pictures and upload them here. Im not expecting much, when people here mod vehicles they either lift there pickups or add loud sound systems. Im hoping to see a handful of nice muscle cars and a few sweet JDM imports. My friends and I are not going to be entering the show this year but next year im going to enter to win(with a secret weapon).
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    Impreza ('95 2dr)
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    It was 36 deg C and sunny so it was a really hot day. There were about 200 cars; 150 were muscle cars(about half of them were Camaro ss'), 40 were classic cars, and about 10 imports. Most of the cars were stock. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

    302 boss mustang

    2f2f (not really) mustang

    Various muscle cars

    Fastback(the coolest muscle car)

    2 supercharged Corvettes

    AC cobra






    Mx5 NA (1.6L)
    Impreza ('95 2dr)
    Chrysler 300C (3.5L)


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      Mx5 NA (1.6L)
      Impreza ('95 2dr)
      Chrysler 300C (3.5L)


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        There were loads of hot girls there(girl checking me out while i take a pic of the firebird), One girl(not in pic) followed me 3 city blocks(im 90% sure it was my nice cologne)

        These cars are all owned by 1 guy, and 2 of the cars were in the Canadian Bullrun.
        Mx5 NA (1.6L)
        Impreza ('95 2dr)
        Chrysler 300C (3.5L)


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          Thank god those engine bays made up for the tacky (IMO) exterior of the Imports. My taste in car mods seems to be lost in the import community.

          BTW, that green Nissan is actually just a S14 240SX with a S14 Kouki front.

          Next year, let me know when you're heading down and maybe we can share the gas money man.
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