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MCM Hunter Region Mammoth Spring Cruise! 29/09/13

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  • MCM Hunter Region Mammoth Spring Cruise! 29/09/13

    What: To celebrate the end of winter (any excuse for a cruise, right?), a mammoth cruise is in order, exploring some roads that not too many of us would have had the chance to drive before due to how out of the way they are.

    When: Sunday the 29th of September. Meet before 8 for an 8am depart. This will be a long day and I want to get home before dark. Please fill tanks and inflate tyres before meeting, don't plan to stop until the first fuel stop. We've all been guilty (myself included) of being "the guy" who holds up a cruise because he forgot to fill up on the way there. Let's try and have no one guilty of it! [Date is subject to change to Saturday the 28th, notice will be given if this is the case]

    Meeting spot is the ICT carpark at the Newcastle University. It's point A on the map. Meet in the undercover section

    You're not oblige to do the entire cruise, feel free to catch up with us on the way or turn off early, just make sure that we know so we don't miss you, or think we've lost you!
    __________________________________________________ ________________________

    Where: The Upper Hunter and New England areas:

    ~The drive will take us from Newcastle through the rollings hills of The Buckets Way to our first rest stop in Glouceter. On the edge of the town as we enter there is a brand new Woolworths with a ginormous carpark and attached Caltex servo pumping out Vortex 98 (Point B on the map)[NOTE: Google earth/google street view are not yet up to date with this location as it it only a few months old].

    ~After filling our tanks we will continue north out the other end of town, taking in the views of the Barrington Tops before making our way through the twisties of Thunderbolts Way. We will make our second stop at Carson's Lookout (Point C on the map), This is a huge roadside picnic stop with toilet facilities and a fantastic view. I anticipate some of the faster cars splitting from the slower, this will serve as a good area to regroup and re-shuffle the driving order if necessary.

    ~The next stop will be Walcha, they have a servo stocking 98, so likely we will bream out tanks again here (Point D on the map). We will al regroup here Before the next awesome stretch of road - the famed Oxley highway, anyone who loves a good drive should be thrilled by it's inclusion in the cruise route.

    ~Some 80 odd kilometres of road later we will stop for lunch at Gingers Creek Roadhouse. Well known for it's great food and as a popular stop for the weekend cruiser. They have a full size restaurant serving decent food. (point E on the map)

    ~The second half of the oxley highway is very technical and quite a demanding road, those willing to drive more spirited than the more relaxed of us should make it known so we can sort out a driving order that won't rustle anyone's jimmies. We will regroup after this section of road near Timbertown, as we enter Wauchope. There is a large dirt shoulder/carpark near timbertown as we enter Wauchope. (point F on the map)

    ~We will make another fuel/food stop at the service centre near Port Macquarie on the pacific highway. (point G on the map)

    ~After about an hour of the pacific highway we will turn onto Wooton Way (that is, if the highway hasn't put us to sleep by then). We find somewhere safe to stop along the road in the town before we continue onto the twisties, to make sure we haven't lost anyone on the way. (point H on the map)

    ~We will get back onto the highway after wooton way then continue along until we get to the ayers rock roadhosue. This will probably be a dinner stop, they have a subway and an eagle boys outlet here, so it's a good spot to end the cruise, as after here it's just highway until we go our separate ways.
    __________________________________________________ _____________

    We will be driving in a convoy most of the way, apart from "fun" sections of road where it's expected for the group to fragment everyone is expected to follow all road laws and drive safe, don't tailgate or try and get in front of other members erratically or anything. plenty of warning
    Please maintain contact with other cars of the group, use your CB radios if you have them, and if you don't use your mobile phone. If worse comes to worse I will be distributing maps with directions at the start of the day if you do become lost.
    If everyone was to follow a few simple guidelines when driving to keep everyone together it would be fantastic:
    • Indicate extra early for turns
    • When changing lanes do so gradually so the person behind isn't suddenly in the wrong lane
    • If you need to stop, flash your lights at the car infront and put on your hazard lights.
    • If the car behind you flashes their lights, do so to the car infront and put on your hazard lights, begin to move over and stop
    • If we get split up by traffic lights flash highbeams to let the cars infront know, slow down until everyone is back together.
    • Keep up with the car infront
    • Use radios if you loose sight of the car in front, radio them to slow down
    • Keep in formation
    • If another driver cuts between us, don't try and get in front of them, the cars in front should move over at the next safe spot and let them past.
    • Remember that for the twisty parts it is expected that we split up, don't freak out and try to keep up with a faster car,that will only make the day end badly.

    Do Bring:
    • A Full Tank Of Fuel
    • A Good Attitude
    • Plenty Of Snacks
    • Fully Charged CB Radio
    • Friends, the more people per car the less you will pay in fuel
    • Money for fuel
    • Enough fuel to get to the next place if you drive a rotary or similarly range limited vehicle
    • Spare tyre/tool kit. We don't want any breakdowns or flat tyres resulting in us becoming stranded now do we

    Make sure you're ready to leave the meeting spot at 8am, I know i've repeated it a lot I just don't want to have a confused mesasge.

    I hope I've covered everything enough, if anyone knows these roads better than I do and notices an oversight, don't be hesitant to point it out. I'm open to comments and if an alteration can draw more people in, I'm all for it.
    This cruise is all about having fun, meeting new friends, seeing nice cars, and having an epic drive.

    Let me know who's coming and I'll start making a list here:

    Myself - Subaru Liberty 3.0R-B
    LukeyD - Subaru Imprezza WRX
    Harrye30 - BMW e30
    zedries - Honda Prelude
    lukusis - ae93 Toyota Corolla
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    Will almost certainly be attending.


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      You'll see me there. Leaking sump an all


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        Finally a good meet/cruise. I am sorting out my brakes specifically to make this cruise.



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          Sounds awesome, im in.

          Any particular channel for CB use?


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            Originally posted by lukusis View Post
            Sounds awesome, im in.

            Any particular channel for CB use?
            I think we normally use 12, but we'll discuss that right before we leave I guess.


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              Originally posted by zedries View Post

              Finally a good meet/cruise. I am sorting out my brakes specifically to make this cruise.

              Sweet! I'll hopefully have my new front control arm bushings by then. Camber adjustable and anti lift - come at me corners!

              Originally posted by LukeyD View Post
              I think we normally use 12, but we'll discuss that right before we leave I guess.
              Yeah, channel 12 is usually the go-to. It is subject to change however
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                So, there are a couple of Sydney people who have expressed interest in the cruise.
                Just a thought; would you prefer meeting us at Hexham Hungry Jacks along the way at 8:30? It's just off the end of the F3 before you turn up to the Pacific Highway
                It will save you guys about 1 hour driving time and you can meet us there at 8:30 instead of 8:00.
                Post up if this works better for you
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                  im interested in coming along