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East Coast Meet? Maybe?

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  • East Coast Meet? Maybe?

    I live in North Carolina and was wondering if there are any other members that live around me. Maybe we can work something out eh?
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    yes! i live in NY but as soon as i get my car (atleast by spring next year) id love to go to an mcm meet on the east coast


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      Ill be living about an hour north of the NC border in Roanoke, VA next year. So any future events please keep me aware


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        I am in Clemson South Carolina I'd be down for a meet.

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          i live in NY too and would love to go to a MCM meet


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            well i will have my car and license by spring of next year so we should definitely organize a meet by then id love to go to one


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              I'm in Nova Scotia, Canada. But depending where an east coast meet in the states is, might be able to make it there. Hope one gets organized


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                I am in Boston. Would love to attend a mighty car mods meet. I would make sure the word got out too. My neighboring towns have huge car communities!