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Members meet Date EOI. Please read carefully

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    Originally posted by Ringo View Post
    @ Freddo, give us a shout out if ya need a lift
    Cheers mate, Well if manyu takes celica ill jump in with you. Cheers fellas !


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      Originally posted by Sm1l3y View Post
      We would just hate for that to happen wouldn't we...

      Are Mel peeps down for a meet?
      Originally posted by Nemesis View Post
      I'm thinking of heading up there. Other than that I think there was some discussion for a meet around the time of the motor show. If we can get a show of numbers interested I'd be happy to organise a meet and greet and maybe a cruise depending.
      I like the idea of the motorshow Nemesis - nothing like going to the show with a few fellow revheads xD

      But I'm not sure on driving up to Homebush to meet a few MCM's who I do not know lol long and expensive trip too...haven't been here long enough to get to know everyone well enough...

      Originally posted by SkylineR31 View Post
      Ill go down to Melb for the meet aslong as i can bring a VL with me Muzza4lyf
      OMMAAWWGGAWRD uleh go du sum chatlaps ulleehh! :P ... u gt intaceptors bro?
      The Gypsy Cart - MagnaP.I's VR-eXec

      Originally posted by Moog
      I'd rather lose by a mile because I built my own car, than win by an inch because someone else built it for me. Your car is your story, so don't let someone else write the book.
      Buying your first car? - Click here for the guide built by MCM members.


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        Originally posted by Freddo View Post
        Cheers mate, Well if manyu takes celica ill jump in with you. Cheers fellas !


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          im really keen for this


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            16th of July at homebush.
            A new thread with more details will be up by tonight.

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