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Sydney Dyno Day

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    Originally posted by Rosey View Post
    Feel free to wash and wax mine while you're at it. A 5 hour drive down to Sydney won't leave the poor girl in the same condition as when I leave.
    If we are making a list you can wash and wax my too :P
    If it's got to be done.... It's got to be jdm


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      Hey guys, im still on the case about the dyno day, will make a event thread when i can 100% confirm the date
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        Originally posted by Meels View Post
        some places are $55 some are $65 some wanted $100 a car (thanks but no thanks on that one)

        had alook at Mainline Automotive in Revesby they charge $65 but for that i think i can get a BBQ happening as well

        Good thing about mainline they are the manufacturer of alot of Dynos and youve got less of a chance of having a "happy" dyno (meaning getting a higher KW reading than you actually have)
        that'd be sweet if we could do it there.. i live 1 suburb away so it would be a good time to get a baseline run before engine work is done


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          Please do it on a Sunday!!

          I am here:,150.937331


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            Oh yes please on a sunday ^^ pleasepleaseplease unless the dyno shops arnet open on sunday....